Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Problem

The Problem
Let me start this story by giving thanks to our mother earth for providing all life to live on her belly, as per her original instructions. With one mind we say thank you mother.
Looking up in the sky of late we can see the sun, moon and stars are not where they usually are and it affects our coordinates. This effect is felt in our molecular structure as we are magnetic by nature. When you are not sure where you are, how can you be sure the path you are on ,will take you where you want to travel. Here in Canada most people do not want their men engaging in the illegal war in Afghanistan, of this we are sure. So before we can decide where to go with the peace, we have to know where we are at. We need to get our coordinates straight.

So the first coordinate we need is, Who are you? Most people will say I am JOHN SMITH and I am a carpenter, which buys into the first lie of hierarchy. The truth is we are all one consciousness, all equal and important to the whole. This truth will provide us the power of the one mind and ability to communicate with all of creation. The next coordinate is, Where are we at? In Canada there is no ratified constitution, therefore you have no “Bill of Rights” every citizen is catalogued through Capitus Diminutio Maxima,( which means all capital letters) as property of the corporation of Canada, listed at the United Nations. The system they call democracy is actually corporatism, as we all know 51% rules in corporatism. Mussolini let us know that fascism is actually corporatism because the corporations are actually running the state. A corporation can never attain sovereignty over the land. This truth suggests that we are all slaves of the corporate state called Canada.
Knowing these essential coordinates, where do you want to go?

I suggest that the people have to attain a constitution to guarantee their Human Rights against this artificial entity, whom have already admitted to genocide on the native population. If they did it before and got away with it, you can bet it is still under consideration for your children. The Canadians who are asking questions are becoming the latest “Indian problem” for the shareholders (real government). The Indian Advancement Act 1924 was the 100 year plan to get rid of the Indian problem and it is the blueprint for genocide. The states of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, fascist Italy, Nazi Germany all followed this model. The announcement Canada will be bringing in 12,000 UN refugees per year for the next few years, has more behind it. They are the new corporate property, whom will be better slaves for the masters and turned against the “new Indian problem” YOU.
In Canada all should be looking at the example of the Haudenosaunee, the world’s first United Nations. Bound by the constitution of peace Kayanerakowa. Under this example all people are real and responsible to the whole, no corporations. The egalitarian principles behind our constitution should be desirable to all people whom seek Freedom and perpetual Peace.
The kayanerakowa is available to all, Canada. You do have a choice. Where do you want to go
Unity, Strength, Peace,
thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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