Monday, April 26, 2010

Critical Amendments To Financial Bill We The People Must Have Tell Congress Four Amendments Are Mandatory For Meaningful Financial Reform

Critical Amendments To Financial Bill We The People Must Have
Tell Congress Four Amendments Are Mandatory For Meaningful Financial

Action Page:

After the whole economy practically collapsed into a World Trade
Center like heap barely a year ago, you would think that Congress
would have rushed to put tough new reforms in place. And yet it is
only in the last couple weeks that proposals with actual merit have
come forward, amendments without which the current Senate bill would
be just more worthless congressional grandstanding, and each of these
amendments must be passed:

1) Brown/Kaufman amendment to break up the too big to fail banks

2) Merkley amendment to ban conflict of interest trading by banks
(PROP Trading Act)

3) Lincoln amendment to regulate derivatives, and

4) Cantwell-McCain amendment to reinstate Glass-Steagall (long

Those who have treated our banking system like their own personal
casino, while they secretly placed their bets AGAINST the American
people, have established conclusively that lack of regulation only
breeds financial instability. Those who rail against "bailouts" must
understand that the next time there won't be enough money to save our
too big to fail institutions even if we wanted to. Congress must act
now to reintroduce prudent discipline to our financial markets,
otherwise we are just marking time until the next Great Depression.

On the health care bill the Democrats did nothing but cave in, in
exchange for ZERO Republican votes. And as a result we ended up with
a piece of legislation that will do far more damage than any of its
cosmetic corporate sales points would tout you to believe.

For months and months we literally begged you folks to stand strong
for single payer and single payer only. We told you ONLY single payer
represented real reform and that all else was a sham. Many wrote us
back and said, "No, No", let's compromise and compromise and
compromise some more. Do you see now where that got us?

Except that with financial reform the next debacle could be next
week, instead of four plus years from now when the corporate takeover
of our health care system is now set to kick in. And most
importantly, even the Armageddon loving Republicans recognize this
Armageddon may threaten their own election chances and soon. We must
win this one and win it big.

There was a story today that various financial players were putting
up phony grass roots movements, to try to make it look like people
were speaking out against real financial reform. Now, ask yourself,
why would they be doing that if people writing their members of
Congress were not so critical? If and only if the real people write
their members of Congress and in greater numbers will we get real

We keep saying the same thing. Someday you will believe us. Let that
day be today. Please submit the action page now.

Action Page:

And after you do, why not pick up one of the new "Stop The
Filibuster" caps, embroidered with a cute stop light graphic.

But most of all, we need more and more people to help us distribute
the "Corporations Are Not The People" bumper stickers. Pick up a bulk
pack for a very modest donation and let's get these these things out
there so we can build the long term consensus for the constitutional
amendment that will now be required to fully repudiate the five rogue
justices on the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court bumper stickers (bulk):

For our part we are giving away as many of the singles as we can,
already 20,000, thanks to those of you who CAN make donations to
support this vital initiative.

Free Single bumper stickers:

And here is the Facebook link for the Financial Reform action page
further above.

[Facebook] Action Page:

And this is the Twitter reply for the Financial Reform action

@cxs #p1042

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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