Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Native Emergency Relief & Volunteer Agency N.E.R.V.A.

Native Emergency Relief & Volunteer Agency


During times of emergency, native americans cannot rely on our own government helping us. So we as a people, must reach within and express outwardly by rising up together to help our people during times of natural disaster. Our goal is to raise volunteers to help in, raising funds or necessities, and working with other organizations for relief efforts.


NERVA will be used to help our people when needed. We will answer the call of our people. By creating this organization, we are meeting a need that most tribes across the country lack because the federal government can't help unless invited or asked from the state to which the tribe is located in. NERVA can bypass that process by coming to the aid of our people.

We will reach out to the emergency management or risk management for each tribe and work with them personally. NERVA will work with an advantage that FEMA doesn't have within the federal government. We the members of NERVA are made up of native people and non-native people who understand the culture, traditions, and the reservations we will be helping. Our volunteers will be both native and non native working to help our people.


1. Creating an organization that will have volunteers, work with other organizations, and raise funds.Volunteers are needed to help make this work. They will be working at many different levels.

a. Starting at ground level. We will need to have volunteers to work with the tribes on reservations with anything they need to help get them back up. From clean up to providing assistance to elders. Creating on site PSA's about the crisis at the reservation.

b. On the organizational level, Volunteers will be needed to create an awareness through the outside media. Using the internet platform to reach news, asking for help from other tribes, and help with faising funds or necessities needed to help our people in need.

2. Teams Needed

a. On-site Coordinator who will help create and implement procedures that will blanket the whole relief effort from start to finish.

b. Volunteer Coordinator who will create a support structure for helpers to keep lines of communication open at all times.

a. Public Relations

b. Risk Management

c. Emergency Management

d. Human Resources/policies and procedures

3. Working with other tribes and organizations to get help for our people.

a. Asking other tribes for donations to help the people during the crisis as well as having volunteers step into where they can help the most.

b. Working with other organizations to coordinate efforts more effectively, smoothly and efficiently while we are helping our people. To help set up a site where we can come together and work together.

c. Working with Emergency and Risk Management teams already in place at reservations to create an Emergency Plan.

4. Raising funds or necessities for our people thru public relations.

a. Raising funds through public relations in all media outlets and tribes.

b. Creating food, clothing, necessities, and blanket drives.

5. Creating transportation and storage through donations from different trucking companies.

a. Transportation will be needed to get donations to those sites.

b. Storage will be needed once on site locations will be needed during the crisis

6. Working with the National Incident Management System Platform when working other organizations and will give our organization better communication as well.
NERVA is being created to be on the ground helping our people. Nationwide Native Network will continue to work at spreading the news and getting the voice of our people out there

NERVA now has its own group at facebook to start building into a working organization. from there we will work to come together.

NERVA has more ground to cover these next few months and I hope each of you will become a driving force both on the ground and online.

We need to create this for our people so that we don't need to wait for FEMA, or the states, or the media to report anything. With your help, we can do this ourselves.

Please join us , become a volunteer, become the voice of your own heart,
be the hand that saves our children today. Help us in building NERVA, come join in making a true difference in ths lives of our people....

Please answer the call with me,
james morales
native hoop, inc
nationwide native network

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