Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aim Santa Barbara EVENT ADVISORY Civil Rights In Indian Country

Aim Santa Barbara EVENT ADVISORY Civil Rights In Indian Country
Aim Santa Barbara April 1 at 1:15pm

March 30, 2010 Contact Person: John Gomez, Jr.
9:58 pm (PST)

Temecula, CA- The American Indian Rights and Resources Organization ("AIRRO"), a Native American civil rights group, will be hosting two sessions regarding human and civil rights violations in Indian Country. The sessions are scheduled for April 17, 2010 in Sacramento, California and April 24, 2010 in Temecula, California.

The focus of the sessions will be to provide individuals, groups and tribes with an opportunity to testify to violations of basic human and civil rights which they may have been subjected to or which have affected their lives and communities. Those who testify will also be asked to provide feedback regarding the United States' handling of rights violations in Indian Country and offer recommendations on how the protection of basic rights can be improved.

"We expect that these sessions will provide insight to the growing number of human and civil rights violations committed by tribal officials, as well as the United States' failure to uphold and enforce treaties and laws enacted to protect individual Indians from such gross and egregious acts," stated AIRRO President John Gomez, Jr.

AIRRO will compile the testimony and recommendations given at each of the sessions and prepare a report which they will submit to the Department of State, the Department of Justice, the Interior Department and the UN Human Rights Council.

"It is our hope that the State Department will accept the testimony and recommendations we compile and include the information in the report it will prepare and submit to the UN Human Rights Council as part of the UPR process," said Gomez. "We believe that the information gathered from our sessions will be important to the UPR and will initiate dialogue, on a national and international level, to address rights violations in Indian Country."

If you cannot attend but wish to submit testimony or provide recommendations on how the protection of human and civil rights can be improved, please contact AIRRO at

For more information about the UPR process, please visit:

For updated information regarding the AIRRO Sessions, please visit or email us at

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