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Issues & News 04/07/2010 Part 1

Issues & News 04/07/2010Note: Last two issues in Part 2 are from Sharon.
Predator control methods antiquated, cruel AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED
from the Eagle Watch #34
Here at the Eagle Watch, we love and respect animals and deplore the colonial mentality of "kill it if it bothers you". Our teaching is to kill only for food. There was a wolf hunt all winter in Lanark county with a prize offered for the biggest one killed. Needless to say, we are overwhelmed by deer which the farmers also kill en masse in illegal culls. Randy Hillier, local MPP was involved in this.

This is another important forward. Hopefully the response will be overwhelming.

From: Fireweed

Winnipeg Free Press - PRINT EDITION

Predator control methods antiquated, cruel By John Youngman

The Manitoba Cattle Producers Association is advocating the mass killing of wolves and coyotes in Manitoba as a means of addressing predation of livestock -- a so-called "predator-control program" (Put bounties on wolves, coyotes, Feb. 27). But it is a misguided strategy that, if implemented, would be a disaster for wildlife, deadly to people and pets, and ultimately fail in its goal of reducing predation on livestock. The cattle producers have lobbied the federal and provincial governments to reintroduce the use of the highly toxic poison cyanide for predator control in Manitoba, the poison of choice for killing wolves and coyotes in North America since the 1960s. The cyanide is dispensed to predators by !
a device known as a "cyanide ejector" -- technically known as an "M44" -- that to all the world looks like an innocuous stake or survey marker sticking out of the ground. The top of the ejector is coated with a substance that attracts predators, canines in particular. When an animal pulls up on the head of the ejector, a spring ejects a deadly spray of sodium cyanide into the animal's mouth and face, causing death when the poison comes into contact with the mucous membranes in the face. The force of the ejector can spray the cyanide granules up to five feet. Cyanide ejectors are like land mines in their quiet and indiscriminate lethalness, which makes them an animal-welfare nightmare. Like land mines, cyanide kills indiscriminately. For every wolf and coyote targeted by a cyanide ejector, countless other "non-target" predators such as bears, foxes, raccoons, crows, eagles and owls who tug haplessly on a baited cyanide ejector perish as collateral damage. Dogs, attracted by !
the powerful canine attractant, are also common victims. Like land mines, cyanide ejectors do not ensure a quick, humane death. After being hit with the cyanide spray, an animal can die within minutes or linger over a longer period of time, depending on how directly the spray hits. Researchers have found poisoned wolves a kilometre away from bait sites, indicating a significant time lapse between ingestion of the poison and death. Until death, suffering is extreme. Cyanide is a Category 1 toxin -- one of the most lethal substances on earth -- and can kill humans within minutes. The potential dangers associated with unleashing a deadly poison indiscriminately into the environment should be of concern to each and every Manitoban. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers cyanide ejectors so dangerous that baiters are required to notify local hospitals of potential accidents. All USDA Wildlife Services trappers and anyone else who handles cyanide ejectors are required to carry amyl nitrate to counteract the poisonous effects of the cyani!
de if accidentally ingested. Unsuspecting hikers, children or others who stumble across cyanide ejectors accidentally have no such protections, and face imminent death or injury. Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon will soon be introducing a bill to the U.S. House of Representatives banning the use of sodium cyanide as a predator-control measure on all public and private lands. The bill is in response to a rash of human injuries and pet deaths in the U.S. caused by accidental encounters with cyanide ejectors intended primarily for coyotes: -- In 2003, a cyanide ejector exploded in the face of Dennis Slaugh of Utah when he mistook it for a survey marker. To this day, Dennis finds it hard to breathe and suffers from many other medical ailments. -- In 2006, Sharon Aguiar of Utah watched her beloved German shepherd, Max, suffer and finally die after a lethal dose of cyanide was fired into his mouth by a cyanide ejector on public land. There were no signs posted. -- In 2000, Geo!
rge and Dixie Tippett of Oregon noticed their German shepherd, Buddy, didn't come home. The next day, Buddy was found dead, next to a spent cyanide ejector 100 yards from their back door where kids routinely played. And scientists are questioning whether predator-control programs are actually effective. Paradoxically, killing predators can actually increase, rather than decrease, livestock predation. Wildlife ecologist, Dr. Robert Crabtree of Montana State University, believes coyote-control programs can actually make coyote numbers rebound due to the resilience of the species to fill a void. A 1999 report of wolf predation on livestock commissioned by Riding Mountain National Park recommends against poisoning wolves as a means of addressing livestock predation. The study concludes that killing adult wolves means that their young are not taught which animals to eat and which animals to avoid as prey. Also, removing predators from the food chain increases the number of prey species normally controlled by predators, such as deer, beavers and gop!
hers, thereby creating a whole new host of wildlife conflicts for the farming community. The Riding Mountain study recommends instead that livestock producers discourage predators through better management practices such as burying or burning dead animals, calving closer to home and checking pastured livestock on a regular basis. The indiscriminate killing of wildlife is a cruel, outdated and ineffective response to human-predator conflict, and hearkens back to a time when the balance of nature and the lives of individual animals counted for very little. Now we know better. John Youngman, a Winnipeg lawyer, is on the board of directors of the Winnipeg Humane Society [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

Federation of Southern Cooperatives/
Land Assistance Fund
contact: Heather Gray
404 765 0991
Update on Black Farmer Settlement

The March 31 target date for the Pigford II Black Farmer Settlement is precisely that – a target. The funding source/offset for the $1.25 billion has not yet been identified for the settlement. However, groups around the country are advocating for this and many of the leadership in Congress are doing the same. The question remains what Congress will do after the recess and what can be addressed to Congressional folks while they are at home during the recess. Also, the possibility of an emergency declaration for the funding by the President is another request.

Today Secretary Vilsack issued a statement about the Pigford settlement and an article by Ralph Paige, Executive Director, was published in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. The link to the article “Time Runs Out on Black Farmers” is

Below is the statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack:

Release No. 0159.10
Office of Communications (202) 720-4623!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB?..contentidonly=true&contentid=..2010/03/0159.xml

Statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on the Pigford Settlement

WASHINGTON, March 31, 2010 - On Feb. 18, 2010, USDA and DOJ announced a historic settlement agreement to resolve longstanding civil rights claims against the U.S. Department of Agriculture. While the settlement agreement includes a March 31 'opt-out' provision for the plaintiffs, the two departments remain committed to resolving this issue in the weeks ahead. Below is a statement from Secretary Vilsack:

"The Administration remains dedicated to the enactment of the Pigford settlement legislation and is committed to working with Congress to find an appropriate vehicle to provide funding. I have met with and talked to key stakeholders and members of Congress reiterating the Administration's ongoing efforts to close this chapter in the history of the department."


USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender. To file a complaint of discrimination, write: USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Ave., S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call (800) 795-3272 (voice), or (202) 720-6382 (TDD).
Members in Friends of the Confederacy of Canadian Metis News on Native Land Issues
A couple land rights issues are in the media again in Ontario. The strategy of: keep them poor, cut off education for the children, cut off health care and denial of human rights eventually convinces our brothers and sisters to sell what little land is left. Once that has happened, the bands and tribes scattered, the "indian porblem" is solved. The Confederacy of Canadian Metis (and its friends on this site) advocate full participation in the Canadian political process. 3.9 million Aboriginal voters, voting as a unified bloc can change the lives of our people forever. Show your support. Join us and commit to political action. When one individual cries out because of unfairness, when one band cries out because of living conditions amounting to abject poverty, the government has shown that it will not listen. BUT, when all of us call out in one loud clear voice, we can not be ignored.
Important info and ways to help the People in Canada, please forward o9nto all your contacts in hopes that we can bring them the needed support,
many blessings to you,

Hello all Friends of "Friends of the Nemaiah Valley"

These are desperate times. Rarely do we send out a special request to our supporters.

As you know, the Federal Panel Hearings into Taseko Mine's application for their Prosperity Mine are now into the second week. If Taseko gets approval for this mine it will destroy Teztan Biny (Fish Lake), Nabas (Little Fish Lake) and Fish Creek. There will be significant cultural loss and social upheaval in the Nemiah Valley. Fraser River salmon runs may very well be imperiled.

Quite simply, this mine must be stopped.

In April, we are heading into the technical and topic-specific hearings. Taseko has seemingly limitless funds and a highly paid team of hired experts and lawyers at the hearings. Those who make presentations in opposition to the mine will be aggressively cross-examined by Taseko and they must be present to respond to these questions.

Taseko's environmental team has put in 110,000 hours, or 56 person/years in the last year just to address the concerns raised since their Environmental Impact Study (EIS) review a year ago. Though heavily outgunned, the Tsilhqot'in National Government (TNG), First Nations, environmental groups like FONV, Mining Watch, Council of Canadians and other dedicated groups and individuals, are holding their own against great odds.

Highly respected biologists, economists and mining professionals have been hired. WE CANNOT GET THEM TO THE HEARINGS!

Some of these experts have donated pro bono services but they need to be in Williams Lake to defend their studies. The testimony of these world class experts in these areas is absolutely vital but there is no money to get them there. It is the technical issues that may very well decide this case.

"It's clear the technical issues will be one of the most heavily weighted and critical issues for the panel to weigh. Water quality, acid mine drainage and fishery impact will be the biggest focus....There is no substitute for having the experts here to answer questions directly. If we don’t have this capacity, Taseko’s challenges will go unanswered and I fear all of our work will be compromised. We have come so far in the battle to protect lakes from being destroyed by mining waste and to further the justice of First Nation’s rights to self determination, that I despair we will lose just because we lack funding to support our efforts in the 11 th hour. " (Amy Crook, Centre for Science in Public Participation and currently working with the TNG)

Specifically, Dr. Kevin Morin is one of the most respected experts in North America on acid mine drainage. He found many inadequacies in Taseko's work. We need him at the hearings to testify. Stratus Consulting has the expertise in hydrology, geochemistry and fisheries toxicology that we need. Dr. Anne Maest and Stratus's fisheries toxicologist must be at the hearings. We need respected fisheries biologist Dr. Hartman to testify at the hearings.

We do have an opportunity to win this case with these experts there.

Bringing these people to the hearings is expensive and requires funds that are not there.

TNG lawyers to this point have been able to attend only via teleconferencing. This is ridiculous!

A budget has been developed that will cover all these costs that amounts to $9,780.00. Your FONV Board of all volunteer Directors has dug deep into our own pockets and contributed over $2000.00 towards this.

Every dollar counts.

If you are able to make a donation, in any amount, then we are asking you to please make a contribution via cheque made out to R.A.V.E.N. (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs), or via the RAVEN web-site at:

Write CSP2 in memo line for a tax deductible receipt.

Cheques can be sent to:
2nd Floor 844 Courtney St.
Victoria, B.C.
V8W 1C4

To follow the Hearings, click here:

To read Rafe Mair's article about Fish Lake, click here: (Please Note: Rafe's article includes a link so you can watch the film 'Blue Gold' on your computer)

We know you can make this happen!!!

We did have a significant victory , and thanks to everyone (there were a lot of you!) who wrote to the Panel asking that "Blue Gold" be shown, well, the Panel agreed. Furthermore, this may be thefirst time a documentary has been used in a federal environmental assessment review hearing.

Pat Swift
P.S. If any of the links don't work, please copy and paste into your browser.

Here is the updated link to the panel hearings and submissions. There are written documents and audio files as well - Linda

Hello all,

I haven’t been able to keep up with the flood of documents on the Registry, but I assume most of you are checking regularly in any event. Here’s the link for those who need it:

I did want to draw your attention to some written submissions from Tsilhqot’in members that might otherwise be overlooked. They are heartfelt and powerful.

Submission for the Public Hearings(English only)
Kylan William
Panel Secretariat
Submission for the Public Hearings(English only)
Geraldine William
Panel Secretariat
Submission for the Public Hearings(English only)
Tasheena William
Panel Secretariat

Congratulations to everyone on the great work so far – keep it up!

All the best,
Thanks to Marcie>>

Motivational speaker Ray hit with another lawsuit
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- An Arizona self-help guru charged with manslaughter in the sweat lodge deaths of three people has been sued by several people who contend they lost out on thousands of dollars paid in advance for self-help seminars that were never conducted.
A lawsuit filed late Friday in Maricopa County Superior Court contends James Arthur Ray and his Carlsbad, Calif.-based company, James Ray International, misled plaintiffs during sales pitches for the events and haven't responded to calls or letters requesting refunds.
Ray has been named in other civil lawsuits that accuse him and the owners of the retreat where he held a deadly October sweat lodge ceremony of negligence, fraud and other actions. Sweat lodge ceremonies commonly are held by American Indian tribes to cleanse the body.
The lawsuit accuses Ray of breach of contract, consumer fraud and unjust enrichment. It names three plaintiffs but estimates up to 1,000 people are similarly situated.
Susan Smyser of Las Vegas, paid nearly $8,000 for two events; Patricia Franklin of Mesa paid almost $3,350 for two events; and Kim Wilson of Los Angeles paid more than $12,500 for four events, according to the lawsuit.
The plaintiffs contend Ray used prepaid fees to cover past events or fund his own wealth. They also say he lacked the assets or capital to conduct events or refund advanced fees without continued sales and collection of those fees.
A refund policy posted on Ray's Web site says buyers have three days from the date of a transaction to cancel. Event registration fees then are considered nonrefundable, though the policy doesn't address what happens when Ray cancels an event. Buyers can make a one-time transfer by paying an additional fee for an event held within a year of the one they initially signed up for, the policy states.
A representative for Ray said his attorneys haven't reviewed the complaint.
Ray stopped holding events shortly after the two-hour ceremony he led near Sedona in October resulted in the hospitalization of 18 people and the deaths of Kirby Brown, 38, of Westtown, N.Y., James Shore, 40, of Milwaukee, and Liz Neuman, 49, of Prior Lake, Minn.
Prosecutors have said that Ray recklessly crammed more than 50 people inside the sweat lodge. His attorneys have called the deaths a tragic accident, and Ray has pleaded not guilty to three counts of manslaughter. His criminal trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 31.
Thank you

We must remember to be thankful for all of the gifts of creation and then we will understand our place in the oneness. The great cycle of winter to spring, has been changing in the last few years as the earth prepares for greater changes to come. The collective mind is the power, so let us bring our minds together as one and send our strongest words of thanks to our mother, the Earth. And now our minds are one.

The time for peace on earth is upon us now as mother earth is changing her cycles, so must we. We must stop the killing and end the war problem if we wish to evolve spiritually. The peace lies in the consensus process. When we restore the natural right of the women, the peace will follow very quickly. The women council is responsible for the children and the land they bring them into, the community.
The “rulers” of the artificial world have always relied on covet means to divide us from the power of the collective, as Lewis Carroll was trying to show us in “Alice in Wonderland”. John Perkins is much more of a whistleblower and shows how the “corporatocracy” really works in his book “Confessions of an economic hitman”. The economic hitman paid Trudeau and Martin a visit in 1974 to get them to sell out the future children of the Canadian citizens. They usually say “here is 600 million dollars for you and your family, think about you, don’t worry about the people” Every Prime Minister and finance minister since, has received this same visit. Last year every man, woman and child in Canada paid the bankers $1350 for interest on interest. This debt is a fiction that is against the “Bank of Canada Act” and that makes Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty the latest duo guilty of high treason.

The historic role of the secret societies, has been to cover the lie of hierarchy. In freemasonry they do not find out the extent of the secret until they reach the highest level of the structure and they are told there is 13 degrees above the 33rd degree e that represent the bloodline hierarchy. When you want to get to the truth you have to identify the first lie because everything after it is a lie, as we learned in kindergarten. This lie is to keep us divided from the knowledge we are all one and every mind is important to the collective, or real power.

Connect back to mother earth and we will evolve as she does. We are all one.
Unity, Strength, Peace,
thahoketoteh of Kanekota


Aim Santa BarbaraApril 6, 2010 at 3:16pm
Subject: New Episode of AIM TV up on Youtube! Immigration Reform- Myths & Realities
Join Ms. Roberta Weighill as she interviews Joel Felipe Rodriquez Flores- co chair of the Pueblo Action Fund regarding Immigration Reform- myths and realities-

By the way, AIM SB hates the word Immigrant or Immigration when referring to the Indigenous People of this Continent. Indigenous people of this hemisphere are not IMMIGRANTS- From Alaska, to Canada, to the tip of South America, this is OUR LAND-

how is it that the real IMMIGRANTS of this country can get away with calling our Indigenous People Immigrants?;

Show in 3 parts;;;
Members in First Nations & Aboriginal Rights Protest Against the HST Tax Extortion at Queens Park Toronto
This protest will take place at 5:00pm EST at Queens Park in Toronto on April 22, 2010

HST affects everyone, so even if you are not Aboriginal and wish to come and support us in this protest you are more then welcome to come out and you are encouraged to do so.

On July 1st the Government is taking away our inherent right to point of sale tax exemption unless we all unite to be heard.

We Native people of Ontario have to come together and fight for our right of point of sale tax exemption because once the government takes it away we will never get it back, so we must stop it before it is pushed through.

It is Illegal and Immoral for the Federal Government to ignore our treat's and turn their backs on us.

Large protests and demands have worked in the past. If we organize a lot of protests then the government has no choice but to cave in. Remember when young people protested the changes to young drivers by the Liberals by using facebook. It sure has worked before so we have to make it work this time or it will forever be just another thing stripped from our rights and gone for good.


Please invite anyone and everyone to this protest and come out and fight for our rights! The only way we can do this is by getting off our butts and assemble in this protest. It is important that as many people come as possible so please let's get the word out of this event and stop the HST!

"HST IN ONTARIO... this approved proposal, which will take affect this year, is only designed to keep Ontario from progressing..... it takes more money out of the hands of the impoverished and First Nations people. As a First Nations person, I refuse to pay the HST because it is illegal for a nation to tax another nation, such as FIRST NATIONS PEOPLE.

The new 13% tax will therefore apply to things like your electric bill, your gas bill, your water bill, condominium fees, insurance premiums, and every other good and service you purchase. There are almost no exemptions.
The extension of the new 13% GST/PST to homes is simply a tax assault by the government on your primary home. They want to tax your primary home and you will suffer because of it.

Why? Because if a purchaser has to pay almost $200,000 in taxes to buy your $1 million dollar home, the purchaser is going to pay less to you for your home. The purchaser will reduce the amount he or she is willing to pay to you in order to pay all the taxes.

The New 13% Tax Will Effectively Raise Your Income Taxes Currently, the combined Federal/Ontario income tax rates are roughly 25% on the first $20,000 of taxable income, 42% on the next $40,000 of taxable income, and 46.5% on each dollar of taxable income over $60,000. On top of that you have to add the "Fair Share Health Tax" of up to $1,000 each of us has to pay.

If the Ontario Government gets away with implementing their new harmonized GST/PST sales tax of 13%, the top effective income tax rates in Ontario will be as follows (since you can't spend any of your tax paid dollars without paying the new harmonized 13% GST/PST tax):

38% on the first $20,000
53% on the next $40,000
59.5% on every dollar over $60,000

On top of that, you have to pay your Ontario Fair Share Health Tax, your city realty taxes, your city garbage fees, your city water fees, your city street parking permit fees, your annual Ontario and new city of Toronto vehicle license plate fees, your Ontario land transfer tax, your new city of Toronto land transfer tax, your gasoline taxes, your liquor taxes, your air departure
taxes, your entertainment taxes, and so on.

While you can see above that the tax is not only a First Nations violation of rights, it is also a violation of rights of the Tax Payer. Many of times I have sat in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and witnessed many of these Liberal Ontario elected officials not even be present when the questions of their misspending comes forth, while they are making huge, profit gaining deals, like those with international corporations like Samsung to gain profit on behalf of Ontarian's. These people are only out to line their pockets with cash.

I will say this, because I don't care right now... Dalton McGuinty is the WORST thing to ever happen to Ontarian's, and at this point, he's probably made so much money off private deals for Ontario that it doesn't matter whether or not he ever gets re-elected.

The only thing that I can say at this point is that for those of you who don't vote and don't contribute to any of the causes that you believe in, you thus leave decision making, like the HST to people like Dalton McGuinty.....but.. you also leave it to people like activists to fight for your rights in decisions that will affect your life and you leave it to politicians like Dalton McGuinty to make choices for you. Regardless of what your or our opinions are, please make sure that everyone knows what you think, because each and everyone person on this group and beyond are so important to the collective and I want to say Miigwetch to every single one of you... because it is only you who can make change! So come out and show your support

For more info visit:

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