Monday, May 24, 2010

240,000 gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico

240,000 gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico each day
Today we have 240,000 gallons of oil, per day, spilling into the gulf of Mexico. As disasters get larger and larger it is becoming more and more clear that we cannot continue living the ways brought from Europe 518 years ago. 911, Katrina, the 2008 near economic collapse, the energy crisis, the gulf wars and terrorism are merely the slightest glimmers of what is to come. Almost daily there is a report of a new flood, earthquake, tornado or volcano. These are not isolated incidents. Within the coming years it will become absolutely clear that we MUST abandon virtually all that we have been taught, about living it this world. And virtually everything we know today comes from the European worldview. We will continue to be slapped in the face, harder and harder, until the pain becomes so great, affecting each of us personally, until even the most ardent person addicted to the European worldview will have to let it go.

And make no mistake about it, the world that we live in today is 99.9% based upon the European world view, values, systems, thinking—and this is the very definition of white supremacy. The current problems of the world are blamed on human nature but when we take a closer look, the way we live now was forced onto all people of color worldwide—it is not our way and not our choice and not our human nature. Virtually all of the wisdom and knowledge of people of color (indigenous people) of hundreds of thousands of years, regarding how to live on the planet, in peace and abundance was intentionally destroyed. And our few surviving ancestors were forced to accept alien fragmented ideas from Europe as absolute. Now today we accept these white supremacists ideas, such as logic, science, domestication and analysis, as modern, progress and absolute, when in reality these things are merely the corrupt culture of Europe (the European Way) which had steered away from the righteous path. Most of us have been brainwashed to believe the white supremacists notion that indigenous people of color worldwide lived as ignorant, backward savages. Yet movies like Avatar give some hint that there was a beautiful indigenous way that is outside of the European worldview which is the way we humans are supposed to be living.

We must remember that Europeans, according to their science, have only been on the planet for a few thousand years. They are the babies on the planet. So why are we following the babies who are obviously lost? Why do we only know how to live their way? Why are we not looking to re-discover our wisdom and power of people of color of hundreds of thousands of years? Why are we not trying building a world based upon our strengths—soul, love, peace, heart?

Some of us now focus on fragments and surface elements of the Indigenous Way. Some of us are into pow wows and re-discovering beginning elements of being indigenous; some fight against pollution and environment destruction, some are into civil rights and social liberation, others are into alternative energy and going green, others are into Obama and politics, while others go to church each week. None of these things are bad, however, they are meaningless as long as we are living the European Way and thus supporting white supremacy. Though we are addicted to white supremacy, in the coming years, we will be forced to abandon this addiction. Either we awaken and change of our own free will or we take the painful route and have the change forced upon us. However, the change ahead is unstoppable.

My aim is not to convince you of anything, but merely to pass along a message that has been given to me. As the European worldview continues to collapse I will provide updates and reminders so that we see the events for what the are—warnings that we must change!

Barry Carter

Chante wazina, thawowiyukcan wazina, oyate kin owazinapi
One heart, one mind, the people are one.

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