Monday, May 24, 2010

Mocking Native American Culture

Mocking Native American Culture
Hey! do these guys have GREEN CARDS? are they IMMIGRANTS? why didn't they spoof the freaking governm
They look like Immigrants to me….;

We watched The Dudesons last night. It was horrible. Over and over these crazy white men in headdresses and feathers would injure themselves and scream things like, "I'm becoming a Native American!" One man injured his testicles and anus, screamed, "I think I ripped my a***ole!" and his friends replied, "You're the Chief now!"

When they performed their "Break Out of Jail" skit, they asked one of the white men dressed as an Indian what he did to wind up in jail. He replied, "Honestly, it was my own casino that I burned down." Before they were slapped in the face with fish, the white men said, "True Native Americans, they fish with their mouth. And with their hands." The only authentic Native American on the show, nodded his head and said, "It's true." The voiceover continues, "Native Americans are like bears. They catch fish with their mouths. This is a rite of passage for fishing."

MTV is a pillar of this economic and cultural racism. They have the power to create cultural attitudes and cultural shifts, especially among young people. But with shows like The Dudesons they are choosing to use this power to degrade and exploit.;

Now some people have said that this is only comedy. “Why are you guys so riled up? It makes people laugh,”- yes, it makes people laugh. But as someone put it very eloquently; “are they laughing at us or with us?” take a look at the clip, you decide;

What are the positives of this show? Will it open new roles for Native people in the industry? Will it interest people to research Native Culture? Does this show celebrate Native Diversity? Or does it perpetuate more stereo types? How will this affect our Native children already being taunted at school? Does this show aid or hamper our causes such as and not limited to: high rates of suicide, domestic violence? Treaty right violations?

This is not just a National show, it will have INTERNATIONAL viewing-

AIM SB is asking you to take 5 minutes- 5 minutes to call or shoot off an email to MTV
below is a sample:

I am writing to protest your racist show, The Dudesons: Cowboys and Pretendians. Though you were able to find a Native American to participate in this culturally offensive display, he is only one man. Many others are appalled at the negative stereotypes you are promoting. It adds insult to injury that you gave the impression that Native peoples somehow approve of being depicted as animals and self-injuring fools.

You have already run this show three times this week. I add my voice to the demand that you stop this racist attack. Immediately. If you do not take the show out of rotation and issue an apology to the Native American people by June 1, 2010, a complete boycott of your network and all your sponsors will begin.


Please included AIM SB on the cc (

Melissa Barreto
Senior Publicist;212.846.7226

Stephanie Berman

Senior Director;212.846.7175

Jeff Castaneda
Vice President;212.846.6774

Janice Gatti

Senior Publicist he covers the Dudesons
AJ Sarcione;310.752.8082

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