Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tell Talisman Energy CEO John Manzoni: Respect the Achuar people!

Tell Talisman Energy CEO John Manzoni: Respect the Achuar people!

The unrelenting drive for oil has reached the deepest regions of the Amazon rainforest – and as we write this note, the Canadian oil company Talisman Energy is beginning the drilling of exploratory wells in the ancestral homeland of the Achuar people.

For decades the Achuar have opposed oil development in their lands. And now you can help the Achuar people in their current fight against Talisman Energy.

This Wednesday, three courageous Achuar leaders will stand before the CEO, the Board of Directors, and Talisman shareholders, telling the company to respect the collective rights of the Achuar people and demanding that Talisman immediately withdraw from their Amazonian homeland.

By sending a message to the CEO of Talisman, you will ensure that the Achuar's demands are heard loud and clear by the company.

Click here for more background information about this issue.

Download an Issue Brief on the Achuar and Talisman.

To: John A. Manzoni
President & CEO
Talisman Energy Inc.
Suite 2000, 888 - 3 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta Canada
T2P 5C5

Respect the Achuar people!

Mr. Manzoni,

I write to express my support for the Achuar people of the Pastaza and Morona river basins in the northern Peruvian Amazon - and to demand that your company respect the Achuar's decision to not permit oil development in their ancestral homeland.

In a recent Achuar Assembly, the elders and leadership of the Achuar people once again reaffirmed their collective opposition to your oil operations in their territory, saying: "We demand that the Peruvian Government immediately annuls the contracts for blocks 64 and 101 and that Talisman immediately withdraws from our territory."

Mr. Manzoni, will you listen to and respect the demands of the Achuar people? I appreciate that Talisman Energy is taking strides to develop stronger policies to respect the rights of indigenous peoples across the world. However, actions speak louder than words. If Talisman Energy wants to be a leader in corporate social responsibility, your company must begin by respecting the Achuar people.

I support the Achuar's right to decide how, when, and if development will occur in their Amazonian homeland. And I write to demand that your company does the same.


Use this link to send a pre-written, or your own personal message: http://amazonwatch.org/talisman-action-alert.php

Teresa Anahuy

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