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A Mercenary by Any Other Name: Canadian-Style

A Mercenary by Any Other Name: Canadian-Style
From the Eagle Watch #42
A Mercenary by Any Other Name: Canadian-Style
May 6, 2010

This spring, Trenton Air Force Base on Lake Ontario, is abuzz with construction of new hangars, taxiways and the Air Mobility Training Centre, all part of perpetual global warfare. What else are they building underground? Is it a bunker for the elitists to hide when the Earth's surface has been made unlivable by them with toxic chemicals, radiation and deadly diseases?

In April, Defence Construction Canada (DCC) awarded another $858,453 worth of contracts at Trenton. $359,000 went to Commissionaires Kingston. Canada's top security guards won't be pouring concrete or wielding hammers and saws.

They're the guys, mostly ex military and police who make sure workers, visitors, etc. have been cleared to enter the base. Commissionaires have control of data banks, fingerprinting, and the RCMP’s National Police Services Network. They work with First Advantage Canada Inc., formerly Infocheck Ltd., "offering clients a comprehensive solution for the verification of individual’s backgrounds, beyond the Police Clearance. Other ID Services available include employment verification, reference checks, education/accreditation, address, and credit reference checks."

All together that's one helluva lot of information on people. They must be the ones promoting that invasive national id card which Indian Affairs is already testing out on Status Indians.

Some 19,000 Commissionaires employees across the land guard premises and provide data retrieval for police, DND, the Parole Board and border agencies as well as enforcement and detention "services". What exactly does this mean? Are they the ones with the porta prisons where they can detain anyone for awhile and then disappear into the sunset. Aren't they acting as private police/army?

There's not much information on the internet about the Commissionaires, especially for such a big outfit going for over 80 years. They're probably a little secretive about their work.

In October, 2009, Commissionaires introduced new "state-of-the-art digital fingerprinting technology" in Sudbury, Ontario. From there mobile units will travel throughout northern Ontario Nishnaabe/Cree territory keeping track of everyone. Commissionaires also manage the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) background checks, child identification services, mobile identification services, and pardon services.

Commissionaires are CADSI (Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries) members. They won't be exhibiting at the CADSI sponsored CANSEC, the war traders bazaar in Ottawa June 2 and 3, but could well provide the security. This event is not open to the public though peace activists will be at the gates expressing their opposition. Commissionaires do attend many security trade shows such as the upcoming May 26-28, 2010 Port Secure Vancouver event.

Commissionaires provide "security" for hospitals, banks, universities, mining, government, courts and police, detention centres, airports, harbours, border crossings, oil and gas refineries. Oddly their web site doesn't mention nuclear or military installations.

Two of the top dogs at Commissionaires are Captain(N)Paul A. Guindon and Colonel J. Douglas Briscoe, both retired from the Canadian military.

Guindon is the Chairman, National Business Management Committee and head of Commissionaires Ottawa division. Under his leadership, Commissionaires was accredited by the RCMP to participate in their Real Time Identification Project (RTID) – a "state-of-the-art digital fingerprint record repository capable of providing immediate criminal record updates and comprehensive information via a direct and secure link".

Guindon was 33 years in the Navy and present in war "theatres". He knows about weapons and national security. He attended "Le collège interarmées de défense" in Paris and is a graduate of the Advanced Military Studies Course (AMSC). He is Chair of the Canadian Society of Industrial Security Inc. and a member of the Association of Professional Security Agencies, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the American Society of Industrial Security, the Centre for National Security (The Conference Board of Canada) and the National Security Study Group [is that a Cdn or US thing???]and many more.

What a busy guy who has so much information on you and me at his fingertips. We have to wonder, Is he one of those guys who hangs around Native "protests" when our people are defending our communities and land?

Colonel J. Douglas Briscoe is Executive Director of Commissionaires. He has a 37-year military career behind him. He has worked on national security contracts for the War Department and various federal government emergency preparedness organizations. He led the Personnel Division of the Canadian Army and commanded Canadian Forces Base Montreal. Briscoe was military attaché in Washington D.C. for four years. He did two tours as the Chief of Staff, Multinational Division (SW) SFOR, Bosnia where he directed operations of the 8,000 troop six-nation division. Now he's running security on the domestic front. What does this tell you about the elitists' anticipation of growing unrest at home??

We are now being immersed into the day to day routine of a highly militarized society. Pretty soon, the only place you'll be able to get a job is in the military or the military industry. The Canadian army recruits youth with TV ads and by going into the schools to get young people to sign up for soldier careers. The military industry lures every promising young scientist and engineer with high paying jobs in the killing machine.

As part of the constant ramming of military news and events down our throats, Commissionaires Ottawa is the lead sponsor and organizer for the May 6 and 7 4th annual (Petawawa) Run for Military Families on Parliament Hill. Guindon is the guest speaker along with Ottawa mayor Larry O'brien and CTV announcer Max Keeping. People will also gather in Arnprior, Pembroke, Petawawa and Renfrew to cheer on the runners. People get such a sense of belonging and doing something worthwhile from these silly spectacles.

We are left wondering, if the military industry is making such piles of money, why don't they donate to the poor military families so these troubled people can get some counseling for their traumas like the brainwashing they have endured???


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Notes, Sources and Contact Info
100 Gloucester Street Suite 201 Ottawa, Ontario Canada K2P0A4
Tel: 613 688 0713 Fax: 613 688 0719
Security Solutions, Fingerprinting and Identification, Training, Enforcement
Kingston Regional Headquarters
737 Arlington Park Place Kingston, ON K7M 8M8
T 613 634 4432 F 613 634 9289
Kingston Fingerprinting and Identification Services
Department Contacts
Executive Director Doug Briscoe
T 613 688 0711 C 613 864 7242
Executive Secretary Bill Berthiaume
T 613 688 0712 E
Business Manager Greg Richardson
T 613 688 0713 E
Director, Human Resources & Training Jacques Grenier T 613-688-0714
Office Manager Jean-Guy Blanchard
T 613 688 0715 E
Assistant, Finance & Administration
Sean Heatley T 613 688 0716
First Advantage Canada Inc.
Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre (PMFRC)

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