Tuesday, May 4, 2010

They've Literally Punched A Hole Into Hell

They've Literally Punched A Hole Into Hell
They've Literally Punched A Hole Into Hell, We Need A Crash Alternative Energy Program Now, Assuming We Even Survive

There is no verbal hyperbole sufficient to express the magnitude of
the environmental catastrophe now known as Deepwater Horizon. It is
nothing short of an Armageddon of Oil. Assuming we even survive this
one, we must immediately mobilize a crash program for truly renewable
alternative energy resources.

Action Page: http://www.peaceteam.net/action/pnum1043.php

Despite the gusher of lies we've heard trying to minimize the
planetary scale disaster now in progress in the Gulf, the terrifying
truth is available for those who will hear it. First they told us the
"leak" was only 1,000 barrels a day, when in fact it is at least 5
times that much. Of course it's hard to pretend an oil slick the size
of New Jersey isn't there. And it could easily blow out to 50,000
barrels a day (2,000,000 gallons) in a heartbeat, according to a "not
for public" NOAA emergency report.

This is not just a leak, it's a monster underwater oil geyser, under
upwards of 100,000 pounds per square inch of pressure, enough force
to lift 50 tons with your thumb. And unless it is somehow stopped, it
may spell the end of all marine life on the planet. We are not
talking about just one Exxon Valdez size tanker spill, we are talking
about one of largest oil fields ever discovered completely venting
its entire contents into the ocean, thousands and thousands of
tankers. It's THAT cataclysmic.

But assuming we miraculously dodge the literal end of the world this
one time, we need to finally do what should have been done 20 years
ago, and throw everything we've got into a crash program for
alternative renewable energy, and stop burning fossil fuels before
they kill us all.

Action Page: http://www.peaceteam.net/action/pnum1043.php

And after you submit the action page, please consider picking up one
of the timely "350 ppm or catastrophe" caps from the return page,
emphasizing the urgency of immediately reducing worldwide carbon
dioxide emissions. It is not as if we have not had every warning
already. Or you can get one directly from this page.

350 PPM Or Catastrophe Caps:

It should have been done twenty years ago. Stop all new oil
exploration. Forget about insanely expensive nuclear plants. End
immediately the lunatic military occupations that have cost us
trillions. And put everything we've got into an all out push to
develop and bring on line truly renewable alternative energy sources.

The burning of fossil fuels was already slowly killing the planet,
causing inexorable rises in greenhouse gas levels that have done
nothing but accelerate, despite the rampant disinformation campaign
waged by oil industry toadies pretending to be real scientists. Now
unless we find some way to stop the venting of the entire contents of
a gigantic oil field in the Gulf, under 100,000 pounds per square
inch of pressure, we may be looking at the end of all marine life on
this planet. We have literally punched a hole into hell.

Please add whatever personal comments of your own you like, and
emphasize it is time for our politicians to stop serving only oil
company and nuclear lobbyists paying the off to continue to pursue
bad energy policy, but to start doing something to save our country
and our world instead.

And here is the Facebook link for the Crash Alternative Energy action
page further above.

[Facebook] Action Page:

And this is the Twitter reply for this same action

@cxs #p1043

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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