Monday, May 10, 2010



(Note: I usually do not edit other people's issues that they send us. However, the Founder of Save the Sacred Sites has firmly told me never to post any cuss words because we have kids that watch our website and, quite frankly she don't like cussing. I felt that this issue merited reposting. So I just edited the expletives. Thanks, Dave)

Be proud of who you are- don’t pretend to be something your not, and don’t buy into cheap (expletive)
that capitalize on making Native people look like cartoon characters.;

So what impression does TRIBAL IMPRESSIONS give regarding Native people and Native American Spirituality?

It's the PRETENDian Mega-Mall! They'll give the yuppies a spray tan, sell them a made in China war bonnet where everyone can prove they are chief (too many chiefs not enough Indians?), imitation turquoise jewelry, along with imitation eagle feathers and a "smudging kit". Combine that with garbled fragments of fake ceremonies from their website and the pretendians can have a yuppie powwow in their living room. Even the kids can get in on it with wild neon colored feathers! (; )
Non-Natives with painted feathers and doing war whoops! How dignified is that? Oh and who gets to wear those special "ghost dance shirts"?

Is this done to “honor” Native Americans? Or is it done to make a fast easy buck at all our expense? How can anyone take our issues and causes seriously when you have these kind of websites that basically laugh at real Natives?

This kind of scam is a billion dollar industry- because business is business, and this business markets crap and the joke is on us- people are starving in Indian Country, while these people laugh at the suckers buying it or the suckers helping to promote it.

Refuse Resist Reject all those that sell out our people, medicine, and our sacred sites for $ and a piece of (expletive).
Not saying anything- co-signs the abuse and desecration of all of us and our ancestors

Drill baby drill, became Spill baby spill, then burn baby burn became, kill baby kill as all the sea life and the economy of the gulf dies.

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