Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bloody Island Massacre commemoration May 15

Bloody Island Massacre commemoration May 15
We will also have a walk/run to the island from Robinson Rancheria to start @ approx. 5:30 a.m. Starting point will be the tribal gym parking lot. After finished @ Bloody Island marker @ island, we would then go place flowers onto the lake in honor and memory of our relatives. Remember flowers only, no glass or containers (plastic/metal). We will then go to the Oddfellows for breakfast. Any questions contact klem @ 707-276-8080 or bernadine @ 707-275 9574, sage, fire wood and drinking water needed, also flashlights for walker/runners. This is a first for us, so be patient with us. Thank You.

Klem keep this updated with any changes and forward to all, you may have changes or suggestions or additions. Not sure if the flyer is attached, you may have to reinsert for everyone to see. People asking about camping out Friday night, do we have a site. Need wood still, I'll be up on Thursday.


ELEVENTH ANNUALBloody Island Memorial
In honor of the Pomo Indian people that perished, and those that survived the Bloody Island Massacre of 1850.To forgive the oppressor is the medicine that heals.May 15, 5 am – 12 n
5:00 am Sunrise Ceremony: From Upper Lake, go 1.5 miles east on Hwy. 20, turn right at Reclamation Road, go 0.25 mile and park on the side of the road. The ceremony will start at 5:30.
8:30 am Potluck Breakfast, speakers, and dancers at Oddfellows Hall, Upper Lake.
12:00 noon Cleanup of Oddfellows Hall (volunteers welcome).
For more information, to be part of the agenda, or to contribute toward expenses, please write or call Clayton Duncan, klemhyu@yahoo.com or 707-276-8080 or Bernadine Trip, 707-275-9574. For information about the Bloody Island Massacre see wikipedia.org.

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