Tuesday, May 4, 2010



The last times we were on this cycle of cleansing and renewal, as stated in historical texts, the people were going about their merry way right up until the time they were destroyed. The signs are all here now people, take heed. Your nightly news will not tell you anything until the second sun is in the sky although they should be telling you to prepare yourself. NASA will not tell what they know and are at the head of the cover-up. Behind the 50 U.S. Police Chiefs sudden resignations, 100’s of top CEOs and CFOs have mysteriously resigned in the last little while. They must have access to information you and I are not “worthy” of.
The earthquakes, volcanoes, bridge collapses, water-main breaks, oil accidents, tsunamis, axis tilt and all of the other phenomena we are experiencing now, are all related to the rising of the second sun (for the 5th time as the Maya record). The magnetic dance that we are exposed to will change our world beyond anything Hollywood could dream up.
We will base our reality on truth and erase the lie of hierarchy to embrace the truth, we are all one. Our collective conscious will be the power to assist, in our evolution as a species here on Mother Earth. We should learn to love strangers as friends and friends as brothers. Love is the key.
When all can finally see, we will eliminate evil, war and greed. We will explore the stars and make kinship with our cousins out there, because we are all one. Our planet will not put up with anything that goes against the natural law, like the notion that one set of people are better than others. The veil is lifting and the people can see what is going on behind the curtain. The “Masters of War” (serpents) will be washed away, never again to be seen by the people. Of this, we should all be joyous.
We will enter into a realm of peace on earth, this time for good.

Unity, Strength, Peace,
thahoketoteh of Kanekota
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