Monday, May 24, 2010

Rod Rondeaux Native Actor speaks out against MTV degrading Indigenous people

Rod Rondeaux Native Actor speaks out against MTV degrading Indigenous people!/note.php?note_id=124438260913658&id=109193465767552&ref=mf

Rod Rondeaux Statement:

My name is Rod Rondeaux and I am ENROLLED CROW Tribal MEMBER.
I was raised in a traditional Indian family and speak my language and several others.
I have been in SAG (Screen Actors Guild) for 14 years and am a horse stuntman and actor.
I have worked on over 30 productions and worked hard to have a respectable name and reputation in what I do.
It isn't easy for Native people to break into the film business and I don't understand why someone who has would throw it away
with a disgraceful piece of crap for MTV- which targets the youth and will in turn cause harm to our children in and out of school.

For over a decade I have fought "Paint downs" ( when non Indians are used as Indian stuntmen/women), in the entertainment business and to see what I saw with this MTV production seems to have set us back and is very disturbing. It seems to me that Saginaw is nothing more than a mascot in this show, in the eyes of MTV it may be ok to make fun our culture and heritage, and considering the amount of work I have done to assure any film/TV productions I was involved with were done in a good way with respect to the tribes represented,
I find this production to be a disgrace to who we are and what we have fought for through out the generations, on and off set.

While many Natives in the industry may not want to cause waves because of future projects that would line their pockets, I am standing up and asking for them to come forward and speak their voice according to their heart.
For years we have done movies and worked so very hard to make sure they were done in a good way with honor and respect to the tribe it represented. Seems all of our fighting was just washed under the bridge here.
The documentary "Reel Injuns" (an Native made film) states clearly what has been done to us over the decades in the Hollywood film industry. I am proud to be a part of that film which tells the truth. I urge you all to see it ESPECIALLY the STAFF at MTV!

If I had been asked to do something of this nature I would have been embarrassed to do it not to mention the cultural disgrace it would cause my heart. I don't see the humor in this MTV production. While Indian people are known for our humor, this isn't funny this is a slap in our faces.
It is sad that our children who have seen us gain so much ground will see this and wonder where they stand.

I would like to know what the members of Saginaw's tribe think of this, their voices should be heard, for or against this project.
I have known and worked with Saginaw for many years and have had great respect for him. I wonder in amazement why he would do this, even in editing, it is obvious via the "feathers" etc this was to cause harm and make fun of our people.

This is my opinion these are my words. Everything I have written here is my honest truth and I stand firmly with my statement I am willing to stand up for what I believe in.. are you?

Rod Rondeaux Crow/Cheyenne
The Indian Stunt Ranch
Tribal Member- Crow Nation
American Indian People for Wild Horses

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