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Update for Kevin Annett's European trip

Update for Kevin Annett's European trip
FYI This isn't just about Canada's residential schools, this incorporates all children harmed and or murdered by the churches including our USA Indian Nation's children who's remains need to come home.

Hopeful Notes from The Underground

by Kevin D. Annett / Caoimhin Ui Niall

May 7, 2010
Nanaimo, Canada

Dear Friends,

I write this under conditions of harrassment and restriction, imposed by the police state tyranny that already grips North America. And yet my words and spirit are hopeful, and I hope they will encourage more of you to take action with me in the months ahead.

Returning from Europe recently, the words of Kevin Flanagan echoed in my ears when he declared, outside the Irish Parliament last month,

"I have a simple message to the Roman Catholic church: Get out of my country!"

Kevin is more than a "survivor" of church torture: he is now a threat, and one being joined by others who are not only speaking but acting against the oldest, most duplicitous, and most violent power in human history: the Vatican.

The latter's power to fog minds, silence critics and quell human hearts has allowed it to evade justice for its centuries-old slaughter of children, but now its executioners are gathering, and I am honored to be in their ranks.

Let's be clear about something very basic: we are at war with a murderous power that has no morality or heart, and which functions through deception. This is a spiritual war, where inward virtue, soul truth, and mental clarity are our chief weapons in first exposing and then disarming and defeating a false church, and the entity behind it.

This false church wears the mask of both "catholic" and "protestant" churches, but its real nature is exposed by its violation and murder of innocent children, and attempted concealment of its crimes.

We do not intend to negotiate with this entity, call it to repent or be "held accountable" for the evil that comes naturally to it. We aim simply to destroy it and banish it from our world, using the weapons of love, truth and direct witness.

This entity is armed with the power of international finance, governmental protection and mass media endorsement, along with the enslaved obedience of masses of followers; and yet it is perilously weak and tottering at this very moment because its public legitimacy is punctured, and dissipating. This creates a rare opening, a moment in history, where the entity can be killed, and the false church brought down.

We all witnessed its weakness last October, after I helped officiate at the first of a three stage spiritual exorcism outside the Vatican: the Naming of the entity of Lies and Murder that rules the Roman catholic church. This action was followed by not only a rare tornado that struck the heart of Rome, but, not accidentally, the start of the public revelations of child torture and organized infant trafficking that are threatening the entire Roman catholic church hierarchy.

Last month, the second stage of that exorcism occurred, in which the possessing entity was ordered to depart. This coming October, outside the Vatican, I will help to complete the third stage of its expulsion: the replacement of the corrupt spirit of mammon with the cleansing soul of Christ, and in so doing, will collapse the false church from the inside out.

The entity that corrupted and destroyed the early body of Christ and replaced it with the Roman catholic church, and all the European empires and their genocidal world conquest that arose from it, is attempting to hide itself again behind an enormous mask of deception, now that this mask has slipped. What we must do is continue pulling back that mask, through vigorous public education, spiritual witness and protest, in the very heart of its empire.

We now have a spiritual-political network that spans six nations: Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Germany and Italy. Within that network, many of us are planning events and rallies this September to confront "pope" Joseph Ratzinger and the crimes he represents, starting in England from September 16-19.

My plan is to return to Europe just prior to these days, accompanied by indigenous elders and film makers, and to join the efforts in England - some legally constituted - to have Joseph Ratzinger arrested and tried for crimes against humanity, and international obstruction of justice. I will then spend at least a month in Ireland, Germany, Italy and elsewhere, extending our campaign according to these basic aims:

1. Establish an international Human Rights Tribunal into crimes by the Roman catholic church, and its partner churches, including a program to recover and repatriate the remains of children who died in their institutions;

2. Take direct action against these churches, their financial structure and functioning, and specific clergy and church officials who are guilty of crimes against children; and

3. Begin a movement to bring these criminal churches under public control, including the nationalizing of church wealth and assets, making clergy public, licensed employees, and legally dis-establishing church corporate bodies such as the Vatican.

As is obvious by now, our campaign is growing into a global, transformative movement for change far beyond the immediate issue of the church's torture and murder of children. We are committed to oppose and defeat the global new world order and its corporate police state, and its destruction of our Mother Goddess the Earth.

In this movement, before our September commencement in England, we especially need lodgings, advance work (including with the local media), travel funding and local campaigns to be established in your communities for our delegation, which will include elders of the Anishinabe, Mohawk and Lakota nations.

We also need to organize specific protests, prayer vigils and public meetings in your communities during the period from September 15 to October 30.

I will be updating you with our itinerary and other material, including a summary of my recent trip to Europe and what we accomplished there, including 20 meetings, lectures and film showings in 16 European cities in the course of five weeks.

Please write back to me so that I know you have received this communication.

I thank you for your continued support, and although many of my email communications have been disrupted by the police state here in Canada, and my local supporters recently harrassed into silence, I am confident that we will prevail, since the truth and divine justice are with us.

I look forward to hearing from you all soon, and seeing you in September.

In friendship and hope,

Kevin Annett / Caoimhin Ui Niall

260 Kennedy St.
Nanaimo, B.C.
Canada V9R 2H8
ph: 250-753-3345
email:; where you can access and watch
the award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT.

UNREPENTANT: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide
- Winner, Best Foreign Documentary Film, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, March 2007, Best Director of a Foreign Documentary, New York Independent Film Festival, October 2006
- Winner, Best Canadian Film, Creation Aboriginal Film Festival, Edmonton, 2009

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