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A Pattern is Emerging Here: Is This Some Kind of a Setup??

A Pattern is Emerging Here:
Is This Some Kind of a Setup??
from the Eagle Watch #47

Editor's Note: Niaweh/Miigwetch/Thanks to everyone who responded to our call for help re Henry Licker's contact info. Several people sent us the correct email address and phone number along with other interesting comments about Henry, fluoridation and their related experiences.

It has long been our view that fluoride in the drinking water is not a good idea, not the healthy effect as touted. One sinister explanation for its use is that it's a way of getting rid of a toxic waste product. An even more sinister purpose is to pacify the public through a chemical in the drinking water as was done by Nazi doctors experimenting on humans during the dark days of the Nazi regime. -Ed

A Pattern is Emerging Here:
Is This Some Kind of a Setup??
May 23, 2010

Some people say that protesting or demonstrating is futile. Protests alone cannot bring Change. Yet the reaction of the elitists to planned protests indicates that they do indeed have an effect and often challenge the colonial, hierarchical, unjust and capitalist status quo.

Canada is fast becoming a militarized zone and a haven for corporate interests. Any opposition to the elitist thugs' plans will scare off nervous investors. The Toronto Stock Exchange is a global centre for luring investment dollars, especially in the speculative mining industry and the very profitable military industry itself.

Maintaining an illusion of peace and prosperity in Canada is essential for Bay Street to function. As the world is increasingly in crisis, this becomes more difficult every day.

The word "protest" suggests opposition and brings up the dialectic of conflicting interests, opposing positions and different values. Good demonstrations involve street theatre and seek to Inform the public about the Truth and other points of view on matters that affect everyone. It's about psychological warfare. Protest marches, rallies, workshops and concerts all play a role where participants can learn to understand their own intent and goals. Drums of all kinds and dancing help to create a good state of mind in the streets.

The elitists depend on a highly refined pack of lies and deception to keep the populace passive and subdued. The Canadian media is their compliant tool. They are using it right now to influence the public mood. As the anger of people everywhere increases, it becomes more difficult to control that mood yet the corporatists encourage a bit of violence so they can practise using their toys on unarmed people. It's called flexing.

Earlier this month, the news reported a car bombing narrowly stopped in Times Square New York City. Meanwhile, plans are being made for a huge antiwar protest there at the end of the month. Is the attempted bombing, ie "terrorist attack" some kind of pretext to step up security and harass protest planners even more?? What will happen when tens or hundreds of thousands of people march in the streets of New York?

In Ottawa this past week, the news reported a fire in an RBC (Royal Bank Canada) bank on Bank Street. The building was gutted. Two days later, the news called it a fire bombing - including video footage - by a group (not named) that claimed it was in retaliation for RBC sponsorship of the Vancouver Olympics on stolen Indigenous land. The wording seemed to be lifted from the anti Olympics literature. The group's message included a threat of more to come with the G8 and G20 conferences planned for Huntsville, ON and Toronto later in June. No mention was made of the CANSEC war traders show in Ottawa June 2 and 3. Yet protests and a peace rally are planned for the gates of Lansdowne Park, also on Bank Street, where the private military industry event is to be held. Is the fire bombing going to be used to step up surveillance on "protesters" in Ottawa and Toronto and elsewhere? Will Indigenous be targeted?

Will protesters at these events be corralled and attacked by massive police and military style presence? Will police be tear gassing and tasering elderly people and terrorizing mothers with babies in strollers? Will police be disguised as protesters smashing windows, fighting and fomenting violence? Cops have been exposed many times at protest events, even pretending to be media cameramen?

The Global TV newscast also said that the G20 protest organizers (not named) condemned the Ottawa bombing. Do some people really think that occasional peaceful protests alone will stop globalization or war shows much less wars of occupation and plunder all over the world?

At the same time, everyone knows that violence will lead to more repressive violence and further curtailment of civil liberties. One fire or attempted bombing will be taken up as a pretext for a greater show of force against people in the streets. Either way, tensions are greatly heightened. The facade of business as usual in North America is crumbling. Investors are getting extremely nervous.

The mention of "Indigenous Land" is a trigger phrase. The elitists know that our Indigenous assertions of Sovereignty are the greatest Obstacle to resource plunder and theft. With growing unity between Indigenous and nonNative against the destruction of Mother Earth, the big shots are living their worst nightmare. They just hate to see ordinary people getting together to throw off the yoke of oppression that burdens people all over the world. Why can't the elitist thugs and their henchmen be reasonable?

Now the vociferous and biased media pundits refer to the fire bombings - plural - in Ottawa as if there were several and a situation out of control. They predict that G20 protesters will be out "rioting because rioting is their hobby". The issues are never explained or discussed.

People are learning from experience all the time. Decisive and creative actions will be taken to bring Change. Time is overdue. "Enough is enough" is a rising chorus. People all over the world must hear the voices of resistance coming from within the belly of the monster that crouches atop our precious Turtle Island. We will never give up.


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