Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Action Alert: Racist Facebook Groups TARGET Indian People]

Action Alert: Racist Facebook Groups TARGET Indian People]
1. Native Americans are Ruining Canada
Contact john.welstead@john.wels
Photo of facebook group attached.

Attached is a screenshot of a facebook group called:

'I hate red indians kill all the lil fuckas hahaha!!!!"

Type: Just for Fun - Totally Random
Description: just a fun group to laugh at all the smelly dirrrtttyy indians wawawawa! Onli join if ya agreee xxheartxxx

There are facebook groups that are reporting this site and if you are a facebook member, please take time to report and repost this group.

If you do not have facebook, you can still contact the school that claims it can't do anything about the site, because school is out.

We believe the school was notified prior, and has a responsibility to contact parents, especially since the students listed below clearly maintain the school as their contact and associated by public presence.

If the school does not act, they are condoning the children's behavior.

We believe the participation by the school kids should be noted in the student's files as participating in a hate crime and organizing with hate groups in their social networking.

However you feel, please contact the school regarding the below students.

Lord Lawson of Beamish School
Source: www.lordlawson.www.lo

Jess Emily Poulter (creator)
Amy Whittle Administrator
Steven Illingworth
Natalie McEwen
Christine Leonard
Fay McEwen

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