Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Dear Friend Bluejay Needs Our Help

Our Dear Friend Bluejay Needs Our Help
I just hung-up from speaking with Our Sister Wahela,
The news is not good!
We almost lost her to illness, her husband has lost his job, so there is no more Health Insurance.
Wahela is weak and VERY ILL, she rarely answers the phone.The medications she is on, to preserve her life, are causing other health problems.......
Please contact everyone you know who knows and loves Wahela and her family.
- For Wahela : to reduce Wahela's pain, and to heal her of the sickness that is ravaging her body, and placing a crushing weight on her spirit.
- For Wahela's husband, that he find work quickly, and so will be able to keep thier home, and allow him to provide health care for Wahela!
If anyone wishes to talk, send me your phone # by private email, and I will phone you, as I have unlimited long distance.
Can anyone light a sacred fire for her?
PipeCarriers, you know what we need!
How may we gather and get supplies of food and such to this family in Montana?
In Sisterhood,
2nd email:
We are trying to send her donations for utilities, food, and life preserving medications. Even $$ for gas to see the Dr in Billings, as well as for Bear to look for a new job.
My greatest thanks to Dawn for being the first to donate!
Even small amounts will help.
Please do not foreword her address unless you know the person!
Rob Pierce
Po box 3928
Bozeman Montana,

In Sisterhood,

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