Monday, June 1, 2009

HIGH ALERT! Akwesasne border conflict (please forward)

HIGH ALERT! Akwesasne border conflict (please forward)
Hey everyone, I just got new info coming in this morning and I CAN NOT confirm the info below since I have not spoken directly to my contacts inside Akwesasne yet. I do know this has been building up to a standoff for the last several days. I will update everyone as soon as I hear news that is DIRECT from the sources. Just wanted all of you to be on ALERT mode and if you have contacts up near Akwesasne to help the People? Get them in touch with contacts INSIDE Akwesasne ASAP!! Not sure if the borders on both USA and Canadian sides are totally blocked yet but this is gearing up quickly. Will update you as soon as I know direct info.



The Mohawk community of Akwesasne is currently blockaded by both American and Ontario Police fores on either sides of the border, due to their defiance of the order to have the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) be allowed to carry lethal weapons on the border that strattles their community. This territory is both in New York and Ontario, and traffic (in particular residents of the reserve) have been prevented from entering this community.

The residents of this community are asking people to attend immediately, if possible, to witness, record, or otherwise exhibit solidarity with the Mohawk community as they resist this particular attempt to reduce their rights and self-determination.

For those who can, please make your way to this border community-- near Cornwall, Ontario.

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