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Native Sun News: Custer in McDonald's Happy Meal

Native Sun News: Custer in McDonald's Happy Meal
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Native Sun News: Custer in McDonald's Happy Meal
Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Say it isn't so! Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer has invaded Lakota
country again, this time through the Happy Meals sold to little children at
Bobbie DuBray, Administrative Assistant for the Lakota Peoples Law Project
was not only shocked by this apparent display of racial insensitivity, but
also angered by it.
DuBray says, "I went through the drive thru at McDonalds on East North
Street to get a Happy Meal for my five-year-old son. I got home and my brother
opened the meal and found the Custer doll." She said he then asked her to
come and look at what he found. To her shock it was Custer toy. Her son
wanted the toy and she told him, "No. that's a bad toy." She said that her 10
year old daughter did not understand why the toy was bad. She and her
mother, Betty Handley, then gave the girl a history lesson "My daughter was not
taught about this in school. What are they teaching our children?" she
DuBray, visibly upset by this experience, said, "I think it's insulting.
It's like handing out KKK dolls in the south where there are a lot of
Belva Morrison, Indian Child Welfare Specialist for the Lakota Law
Project, said that DuBray told her about the doll incident this morning. Morrison
said, "It is insensitive for local merchants to hand out these dolls where
there is a large Indian population. They should have thought twice about
promoting these figurines. I don't believe we're overacting. I think we are
not tolerating things like this anymore. They're targeting young kids whose
minds are easily impressed.""
Get the Story:
_Custer Rides Again in McDonald's Happy Meal _
50.html) (The Native Sun News/Huffington Post 6/9)

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