Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bluejay Sends You All her Love

I can't sit here very long my friends and can send this message only thanks to a dear Oneida sister who got the computer program for me so I can talk and the computer types for me! (THANK YOU MICHELE!! LOVE YOU)

First and foremost my hubby and I send our deepest thanks to each of you for the awesome support and good prayers during this incredibly difficult time. Thank you for the good prayers and I know they will see us through.

Amongst all the hardships though, I am reminded that Creator will send the love and support needed if we just watch and pay attention. Through all of your kind emails and strong prayers, the animals here have also offered me support. Wanted to tell you about these little gifts and then I must head back to the all-too-familiar bed.

I have felt so depressed and sad along with so much illness and pain the past weeks. When my hubby helps me outside for a few minutes, I sit in the sun for a little bit on the deck to hear the birds and feel the wind. A little male red squirrel has been coming closer each day and now sits near by where he eats his seeds. Last week when things just seemed hopeless, the little squirrel moved along side my leg and then sat on my foot. I can't move much but I put my hand out and he rubbed his back under my hand and he let me PET HIM! Now he comes to see me everday and sits with me. He has been joined by 4 little chipmunks, 2 Juncos and 3 Chickadees and they all sit there by me and eat sunflower seeds. None of those critters will sit side by side when I am not there on the deck with them but they land on me and little "Tim" lets me pet him when I am there on the deck with them. (Not sure why my hubby told me to name the squirrel "Tim" but I just went along with it. HA HA! "Tim" doesn't seem to care either way!)

So, the critters are nearby and trying their best to keep my spirits up. Creator knows what is to be and will guide us each step but we truly could not survive all the "stuff" lately without each of your prayers. There are no words to thank you all enough for those.
love you all,
and hugs from "Tim" too! ha ha!

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