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MNN. June 9, 2009. The cards have been thrown on the floor. This is how they are landing, whether accidental or intentional. It’s a businessmen’s war and they want to sacrifice the people.

Mohawks telling the world to put their guns down is throwing a big monkey wrench into the works. The capitalist war thugs are having a hard time calling us terrorists if we don’t want guns or bombs or the arms race.

Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, Peter Van Loan, told the Mohawks of Akwesasne, “We won’t remove the blockade around you until you let us come in with our guns”. Peter, you sound like the president of the National Rifle Association. Why don’t you get a job selling guns at Wal Mart?

There’s something odd going on here. People are asking, “How many Canada Border Services Agents CBSA have been shot or killed?” None! How many Indigenous have been abused by border agents at Akwesasne? Hundreds!

We, the Haudenosaunee are the legal sovereigns of Great Turtle Island. Canada has no jurisdiction over us or our territory. It’s a nation-to-nation issue which they have to respect if they are to act legally.

The US and Europe have always maintained their power through stealing the resources of other people. Their decline is the result of losing their colonies. They want to become world powers again by starting new colonial empires through selling sophisticated military equipment. Control is by supplying armaments and technicians to military and para military forces in the worldwide market.

The need for arms is being created by maintaining that there are terrorist threats around everywhere. They don’t want harmony between nations. US and Europe, the two main war economies, are competing for customers.

Trillions of dollars are at stake to build jets, tanks and armaments. The US had a monopoly on making and selling arms around the world until their economic decline. They are losing their clout, customers and credibility. They can’t let anybody else sell war equipment to their cartels, especially in South America. They’re struggling to maintain control over a high population of Indigenous who are resisting exploitation.

The Germans went to South America about 150 years ago when Krupp went there to build railroad and steel works. After WW II the Nazis fled there en masse. Their protégés have formed a connection between Europeans and South Americans.

Canada is being propositioned by many military hardware salesmen by offering incentives. Buy one and get one free! The Germans tried to cut in on the US arms market by bribing former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to help them set up a factory in Nova Scotia to make armaments. Mulroney double-crossed them.

The French make the vaunted Exocet missiles and Mirage jets. They work closely with the Germans and Canadians. The French have a big share of the nuclear industry from uranium mining to nuclear waste management which is used in making weapons. Canada’s a big target due to their need for uranium.

Two former presidents, Bill Clinton and George Bush, recently showed up in Toronto to let the world know that the Israelis, Americans and Canadians are on one team.

Canada wants guns at the border. They’ll start with pistols, then bazookas and then tanks and surveillance towers. 1,500 armed soldiers could be put along the Canada/US border. Supplying armaments and building walls on the borders is a multi billion dollar business. It’s meant to create an atmosphere of fear between countries.

Mohawks are caught in the middle. It’s strange that our message that there shall be no guns is seen as repugnant. It goes against their agenda to demonize us.

History repeats itself. The colonists used the military to exploit us, kill us off and take everything we had. Now they want to do it worldwide. Natural resources are getting scare. Any place they can find it, they will get it, by hook or mostly by crook.

Anyone who criticizes these new world order scumbags is attacked by their agents.

The two NWO camps, the US and Europe, are preparing to fight each other to make trillions of dollars, or to come to terms and work together.

The Mohawks are true to the legacy and heritage of our people. Long ago, Dekanawida, the peacemaker, brought a message to the Rotino’shonni:onwi to stop all warfare. He was born into warring nations. He helped bring the message of peace. Mohawks are showing colonial society for what they are, a corrupt power that intimidates and has no compassion.

They want a worldwide police state where only government agents, military and para-military forces have guns and military equipment to control and shoot people.

Politicians in Parliament are chanting, “We want guns”. “We want guns”!

The Mohawks say, “There will be no guns. There will be no guns!”. So we are blocked in by armed force.

Someone wants to make a barrier between Canada and US. The border guards won’t go back to work. They’re cracking up. They will be replaced by hardened ruthless soldiers who are trained to create dangerous situations so they can shoot to kill. This situation is created by the arms dealers who control the governments. They are interested in selling guns.

In the meantime, MNN is being attacked by German and French agents for putting out this message. They think we are blocking the sale of arms and getting in the way of world domination by a few. They are demanding that MNN post their messages or else!

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