Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Support Pueblo and Immigration Reform

Support Pueblo and Immigration Reform

It isn’t to often that Native Americans are asked on our opinion on this subject. I bet you can guess why------------

Who are the real immigrants here in this country and continent?
And why are we allowing indigenous peoples of this continent to be called immigrants?
This is a bit ironic isn’t it?
One thing that I keep noticing is that people in government keep wanting to throw up illusions. And this is an illusion.

• America was not DISCOVERED by Columbus- We were already here
• It is well documented by our stories and by historical fact that prior to colonization, there were well known trade routes from Canada to South America.

There were never any borders, just 4 directions and many many different tribes.

Another illusion is that this is an issue of National Security- this is absurd! The reasons why indigenous people coming to migrate in this area are no different than why your ancestors risked everything to come on a Ship from over seas- for equality, for fairness, for education for the start of a new life.

The US has an obligation- a MORAL AND ETHICAL responsibility to the Indigenous peoples of this continent with to be treated with the same compassion and humanity that was originally show to them when they came on this land "illegally" and without documentation.

The American Indian Movement of Santa Barbara stands in support and solidarity with our relatives in this struggle- because in reality, stripping away the illusions, this is another assault on the Native people of this Continent-
The system is broken- it is in fact a campaign of misinformation and hysteria


Posted by Grecia Lima
Today at 1:37pm

Hello brothers and sisters in the struggle!
Thank you for your confirmation for the press conference this is a national launch of the Reform Immigration for American Campaign! Couple of things

WEAR YELLOW! Yellow is a symbol of hope and new day and this is a new day and this is the time for immigration reform!

For all of those UCSB students carpool or take the bus
The line 24x at 11:40pm gets you to the transit station at 12:00pm and walk to the court house http://www.facebook.com/l/;http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl if you can take an earlier bus so that you can get there a little bit earlier.

Also if people can provide carpools from UCSB can you all let me know OR BETTER YET POST IT ON THE WALL! so that anyone can see!

QUESTIONS CONCERNS CALL me 805-882-2484 or fb me.

PUEBLO Education Fund will have a press conference!
This is the beggining of a campaign for immigration reform that has these principles in mind:

* Immigration reform must promote economic opportunity. We must renew our commitment to helping all low-income Americans improve their job prospects and move up the economic ladder towards the American Dream.

* Immigration reform must be comprehensive. Unless we tackle the broken immigration system as a whole, we will fail to solve the problem at hand.

* Long-term reform requires long term solutions. The factors shaping immigration are not just domestic; the issue transcends our borders. As such, how we as a country approach our relationships with other nations matters. We must deal with the domestic aspect of this issue and work in partnership with other countries over time to develop long-term strategies.

A reform package that works for all communities and families in America should include the following

* Establish a strategic border enforcement policy that reflects American values. A border strategy that prioritizes the safety and security of border communities and consults with these communities in the process is the best way to ensure that our border policies protect our national security, while balancing enforcement with economic development and human and civil rights.

* Keep American families together. Our outdated family immigration channels, which keep close family members separated for decades, must be reformed to restore our commitment to promoting family unity.

* Promote immigrant integration. The federal government must help new immigrants learn our language and laws, ensure equal opportunity for immigrants to participate in programs and services, and support state and local governments’ efforts to help integrate these new Americans.

* Protect fundamental rights for all. Congress must restore basic civil liberties and reaffirm Constitutional protections for all individuals in this country and renew our commitment to core American values of fairness and justice.

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