Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is an update on the Central Valley Miwok Tribe.

This is an update on the Central Valley Miwok Tribe.

AIM Santa Barbara gave Sylvia Burley some referrals on thursday June 18th, that might be able to assist her at this present time. We have not heard back from her if it was helpful or not. We hope it was.

The American Indian Movement in California is working as a cohesive movement. Our chapters remain in close contact with one another to become efficient and effective.

After making many phone calls and putting out many inquiries, this is the information that we have been able to compile, and this of course brought us some questions:

“Central Valley Miwok Tribe was once called the Sheep Ranch Tribe. There was only one member at the time that was re-recognized after the Termination Period. His name is Yakama Dixie. Yakama Dixie enrolled Sylvia and her family and after a couple of years they DISENROLLED HIM. Sylvia and her family took tons of money from the feds and built themselves high end homes and began setting out for gaming. The feds moved on this when they saw what happened to the money and how Sylvia stole from our Indian Country. They refused to recognize her and now this is the result.”

Ms. Burley was told by AIM Director, Laura Wass, that this is not an issue AIM will become involved in because

Þ disenrollment issue

Þ The monies taken from the tribe and not for the purpose intended.

Þ National Field Director, Dennis Banks, stated we will not participate, (it is understood that Sylvia called him as well about 3-4 years ago).

If Sylvia wishes to add anything or dispute the above information, she is welcome to do so, and in doing so, please answer the following questions:

1) What do you wish the American Indian Movement’s involvement to be? What do you want us to do to aid your current situation?

2) Exactly how many people are in the tribe? (We have gotten mixed reports)

3) Did Sylvia or her family build or purchase a house (or homes) with tribal money?

4) If so, what is the justification for it?

5) Are Sylvia and her family actually enrolled tribal members? When did they become enrolled?

6) What has been the role and stand of the entire Miwok Nation on this issue?


Michael Fairbanks, Director

American Indian Movement

Santa Barbara

(805) 212-4947

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