Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Mountain Update and Support Needed!

Big Mountain Update and Support Needed!
Big Mountain Update and Support Needed!
Dear Big Mountain Supporters.
President Obama has signed the Repeal of the Bennett Freeze (article
and link attached) there are now changes happening at Black Mesa. It
is now legal to repair and restore access to homesites to a certain
scale, and it is also legal for residents to gather wood, as needed for
homesite use. There are still upcoming issues to be dealt with and
livestock impoundments have begun again for the summer, by the BIA.
Home site repairs, and sanitation services for non-relocated residents
of Big Mountain, Black Mesa Arizona, are being discussed by Big
Mountain's Forgotten People. Forgotten People has received a USEPA
Grant for $100,000 to provide water and sanitation for Black Falls. HPL
residents are still a highly controversial population and the water and
sanitation services are challenge for Big Mountain Supporters to
tackle. But that is the CURRENT request by the residents of the Big
Mountain HPL, is for supporters to help with the rebuilding efforts,
help with water and sanitation services and for onsite support on the
land, so that they can attempt to campaign for these changes themselves.
I have attached a flyer and sample raffle tickets for the Song and Dance
hosted by Forgotten People. $1 a chance, (internet orders of raffle
tickets have a minimum) for various weavings, blankets and prizes
provided by the members of Forgotten People, which also include 3 sheep
prizes. Unclaimed Prizes (and out-of-town sheep winners who can't claim
those sheep) will be donated to a family in need, but winners can have
their items shipped.
I am also enclosing the latest copy of a Verdict Magazine Article I've
transcribed, though this version is currently without the photos, which
I am unable to scan at this time since I am at Big Mountain, and not at
my office! I will scan them as soon as I am able, and those interested
in the photos, please contact me and I will forward them to you.
There is currently a format for sacred sites protection, and land lease
permit application that is being worked on by our family. If you are
working with a family, or would like to work with a family, in sacred
sites protection please contact us and we will share the framework of
our process, and you can format your own permit process autonomously or
If you would like to work on repatriating the sacred property removed by
the Black Mesa Archeological Project in the 1970's, whose inventory list
is held by NAU and the property itself is warehoused at the University
of Illinois at Carbondale. We are looking for students and faculty from
both NAU and UIC, as well as other university activists, to form groups
and campaign to repatriate the articles that were stripped from Black
Mesa in preparation for Peabody Western's Mining activities that
continue without abate even today. We are also looking for someone to
provide artwork for the events that will surround this repatriation
campaign on behalf of all Big Mountain - Black Mesa residents - both
Navajo AND Hopi. We also ask that Big Mountain Supporters prepare
archives, photographs and materials to one day be a part of a
chronological history exhibition of the struggle at Big Mountain.
The Bennett Freeze repeal is a monumental victory for the Big Mountain
Campaign, and it is a milestone that should reignite actions by all Big
Mountain Supporters in reformulating our campaigns to meet the next
phase of mine removal actions, and to add to the relief efforts that
make our food donations and on land support, sensible and safe for the
health of the resistor's and their families, and one day the return of
the relocated.
For a list of current equipment needs for homesites and support, please
contact any of the people listed in this e-mail and in the attachments
or your local big mountain support networkers. Please use the
information for your bulletins, forward, and print for your campaigns as
In Solidarity to the Resistance at Big Mountain,
Jennafer Waggoner Yellowhorse at Alice and Kee Z. Begay's Homesite
5 miles South Black Mesa Pipeline Road
Kerry Begay 928-429-1144
Sadie Begay 928-349 4109
Big Mountain Coal'tion
Vanishing Prayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs2DXHUKASA

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Teresa Anahuy

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