Thursday, June 3, 2010

AIM Demonstration Against MTV’s Dudesons

Time to step up! We need Warriors; young, old, women & men!
We are organizing, we are INSTIGATING, we are DEMANDING respect for Native people- we will no longer tolerate disrespect from the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY & MTV with shows like the "Dudesons"--
Join us in a demonstration at the
MTV awards this coming sunday, June 6th at the Gibson Ampitheater in Los Angeles!

live near or around LA County? Ventura? Riverside? San Diego? Orange County? Fresno?
Call (805) 708-6305
email us at

Everyone wear a RED Shirt
We are encouraging everyone to be 16 years old and older to participate

“Had this been The Dudesons creating Black Face, that of Them wanting to be Slaves whipped by white men or Jews, having to survive by all means necessary during the Holocaust, or any other Race or Nation of People, this show would have been Canceled and there would have been court cases. I do remember when Don Imus called Rutgers University women's basketball team, which is composed of eight African-American and two white players, as "nappy-headed hos," he was shut down and taken off the air. But we are Native Americans, we don't matter? No, WE DO MATTER... We are not the silent People who are going to sit back and allow this to happen, we believe in family and We are taking a stand on this matter...”

“Basically, we will organize rally after rally, protest after protest, both live, loud and silent. We will be heard and I hope that MTV will act accordingly to correct this injustice. All we are asking is for a public apology to Native Americans who are still alive and well and who dance, sing and pray our living history.
Martin Leyva- Pueblo


American Indian Movement Santa Barbara
Planning Demonstration Against MTV’s Dudesons

In May 2010, on the MTV reality show, The Dudesons In America, aired a new episode called “Cowboys and Findians.”;”

The intent of this show might not have been to offend anyone, but this episode goes beyond offensive and the choice in script has added salt on deep wounds of racism in the Native American community.

This episode of the The Dudesons In America, called “Cowboys and Findians,”not only encourages people to have misconceptions about First Nation people, but also perpetuates very offensive stereotypes regarding Native American spirituality, ceremonies, culture and customs.

Michael Fairbanks, Director of the American Indian Movement Santa Barbara, states “it appears that Native Americans are an “open market” – for these kind attacks; apparently because we are a smaller population and there is a history this kind of misrepresentation from the media and entertainment industry,” He also states, “We will no longer accept or tolerate the perpetuation of stereotypes, or the desecration of our regalia (the offensive fake headdresses), and sacred medicines (such as the fake eagle feathers on that episode). Fairbanks even invited MTV executive AJ Sarcione Senior Publicist, to meet in person to discuss this issue further.

As of yet, AIM Santa Barbara has not heard back from Mr. Sarcione.

AIM SB and community activists have written to MTV and announced that if they not take the show out of rotation and issue an apology to the Native American people by June 1, 2010, a complete boycott of your network and all your sponsors will begin.

“Had this show been directed towards any other ethnic group, it would not have aired, and there would have been a huge backlash. And some people would have lost their jobs over it. Yet it appears we are an “open market” – for these kind attacks, apparently because we are a smaller population and there is a history this kind of misrepresentation with the media and entertainment industry. We do not anticipate an apology from MTV, so we are organizing to make sure they hear our voice.”

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