Sunday, June 13, 2010

Heavy weapons found in cargo of Mavi Marmara

Heavy weapons found in cargo of Mavi Marmara
Date: Monday, June 7, 2010, 9:48 PM

I don't know what your feeling are about what is going on in Israel right now, but the video shows that the Palestinian pacifists are anything but.

Political read or nuke . . . .

> I cannot understand why no news station is broadcasting this
> information!!!
> Has everyone gone mad?
> This video shows that during the unloading of the Marmara boat in the port
> of Ashdod, behind the bags of flour were boxes of heavy weapons and
> ammunition: mortars, artillery shells, bazookas, without counting a trunk
> where more than one million euros was found intended for Hamas. This video
> should be widely distributed as evidence of why the IDF Naval commandos
> were dispatched to intercept the six vessels including the M/S Mavi Marmara.
> One wonders what is aboard the Irish vessel, the M/S. Rachel Corrie, that
> Israel will intercept sometime today when it approaches the Naval blockade line
> off the coast of Gaza. Clearly the Turkish AKP Islamist government is
> complicit in permitting this military cargo to be loaded on the 'peaceful' Free Gaza
> Flotilla. Please distribute this video widely. If you had any doubt about
> what was on the flotilla, here is the video. The French explains that the
> arms on display were hidden behind sacks of grain.
> Have patience with this video. First there is a commercial for Pantene!
> But wait until it's over. You won't believe your eyes.
> In addition to hiding weapons meant to kill Israel civilians, the
> "humanitarian aid" workers viciously attacked Israeli soldiers. Below, a
> first hand account from Amir, an Israeli soldier who was there.
> "Hello Uncle Erwin,
> This is Amir writing you after reading what you sent to my father, Eitan.
> As you know, it was my unit and my friends who were on the ship. My commander
> was injured badly as a result of the "pacifists" violence. I want to tell
> you how he was injured so you could tell the story. it shows just how
> horrible and inhuman were the activists. My commander was the first
> soldier that rappelled down from the helicopter to the ship. When he touched
> ground, he got hit in the head with a pole and stabbed in the stomach with a
> knife. When he drew out his secondary weapon-a handgun (his primary weapon was a
> regular paintball gun: "Tippman 98 custom") he was shot in the leg. He
> managed to fire a single shot before he was tossed from the balcony by 4
> Arab activists, to the lower deck (a 12 feet fall). He was then dragged by
> other activists to a room in the lower deck were he was stripped down by 2
> activists. They took off his vest, helmet and shirt, leaving him with only
> his pants and shoes on. When they finished they took a knife and expanded
> the wound he already had in his stomach. They cut his ab muscles
> horizontally and by hand spilled his guts out. When they finished they
> raised him up and walked him on the deck outside. He was conscious the
> whole time. If you are asking yourself why they did all that, here comes the
> reason. They wanted to show the soldiers their commander's body so they
> will be demoralized and scared. Luckily, when they walked him on the deck a
> soldier saw him and managed to shoot the activist that was walking him
> down the outside corridor. He shot him with a special non-lethal bullet that
> didn't kill him. My commander managed to jump from the deck to the water
> and swim to an army rescue boat (his guts still out of his body, and now in
> salty sea water). That was how he was saved. The activists that did this
> to him are alive, now in Turkey, and treated as heroes.
> I'm sorry if I described this with too many details, but I thought it was
> necessary for the credibility. Please tell this story to anyone who will
> listen. I think that these days you are one of Israel's best spokesman.
Hey Palin, how's that drilly baby drilly, spilly thingy workin' for ya, baby?

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