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The War on Humanity Widens:

The War on Humanity Widens:
from the Eagle Watch #48

The War on Humanity Widens:
Jamaican Community of Tivoli Gardens Attacked by Police/Military Forces:
At Least 75 Dead

May 30, 2010

When you've got a copy of the template, it's not hard to figure out what's going on. As the war on humanity widens, Kingston, the capital of Jamaica was put under a State of Emergency last week. In a huge military-led operation, the Jamaican police/military attacked the west Kingston community of Tivoli Gardens killing at least 75 people, mostly young men. Over 500 have been arrested and locked up. The authorities say they were looking for one criminal.

Details are scant as media are being kept out of the ravaged area, a sure sign in itself that something is rotten in the state of Jamaica. We already see the stamp of the Pentagon at work here. This invasion took place after Bruce Golding, Jamaican Prime Minister and MP for Tivoli Gardens, defied the US by refusing to extradite Jamaican gang lord, Christopher "Osama Bin Laden" Coke wanted on drug charges. Coke is still at large and he may not even be in Jamaica at all. The US media have reviled Golding claiming that he is an associate of the wanted drug dealer or don. The Jamaican government is in crisis.

Meanwhile, Kingston is in chaos. Mothers are screaming to know where their sons are. Decomposing bodies have been dumped in shallow mass graves at Maypen cemetery while family members are denied access. Does this not suggest some fowl play at work? Do some of the bodies have bullet holes in the backs of their heads?

Unofficial figures put the death toll at 150. Many of the injured are not able to get to the Kingston hospital and medical attention. The people of Tivoli Gardens were under a lockdown since last Sunday and are just now beginning to move about again. Many people were running out of food and medications during the seige. Sounds like shades of Gaza.

On Thursday, the Police announced that they had seized 6 weapons, 4 rifles and 2 pistols with 8,000 rounds of ammo. As criticism of the operation grows, on Friday, they announced they had seized 23 guns and a number of IED's or bags of explosives packed with pieces of steel. They displayed photos of their trophies on TV for all the world to see.

The community is a fortified garrison or stronghold for gangs or posses who provide security and informal social services to the people. This is more than the government does. Recently posses have attacked police stations in Kingston. Sounds like Afghanistan or Iraq. It's a war zone now.

Jamaica has long been under attack by the IMF International Monetary Fund (Global Corporatists) in a relentless strategy of economic warfare. Jamaican agriculture was completely destroyed leaving people with few choices to earn a living. In 2009 alone, some 1,660 people were murdered in this island of 2.8 million.

Now former Prime Minister Eddy Seaga denounces Golding and the attack and calls for his resignation. Seaga himself has been a main player in the plunder and destruction of Jamaica for many years. He was MP in the same constituency of Tivoli Gardens for 43 years. Seaga is now covering his own ass and adding to the confusion and anger. His comments are broadcast in full detail. The Jamaican people are not fooled but where is their voice being heard?

We learned about all this on Ottawa's CKCU Carleton University radio station, Saturday afternoon "Reggae in the Fields" program hosted by Junior Smith. Junior repeatedly asked for listeners to call in with their comments. We tried for nearly an hour and could not get through. Yet Junior hardly aired anyone's comments and those he did supported the invasion, denouncing the drugs and music. In a self righteous tone, Junior reminded listeners that marijuana is being shipped from Jamaica to the US. Does this justify the attack? Doesn't Junior know that more marijuana is shipped from Canada to the US than from anywhere else? Does that mean Canadians can expect this kind of an attack in west Quebec or BC mainland?? Junior was clearly not allowing angry people to speak on the air.

We wanted to tell the listeners to Check the Bigger Picture such as US and Canadian military occupations and invasions of Mexico and Colombia under the guise of the "War on Drugs". It starts with the local police/military under covert US command and then the US openly with Canadians always tagging along. The nearby island of Haiti is openly occupied by the US/Canadian military. Jamaicans are aware of this.

We strongly suspect the order for the Tivoli Gardens attack came directly from the Pentagon. We are well aware of their hand in our Haudenosaunee and Nishnaabe communities through which the US/Canada border runs. Our people are constantly harassed, attacked, villified, groped, raped, beaten, disappeared and x-rayed by colonial agents in an ongoing campaign of attempted genocide which is generally hidden from the public eye. This situation in Jamaica has been escalating for some time but now it has hit the international media attention.

We at the Eagle Watch have long-time ties to Jamaica. FYI, our Mr. Stanley was a Jamaican and grandson of an African slave. Our condolences go out to the grieving families.


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