Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lewis Mehl-Medron- FAKE ASS “Healer”? YOU decide… Aim Santa Barbara

Lewis Mehl-Medron- FAKE ASS “Healer”? YOU decide…

Aim Santa Barbara
He calls himself a 'Healer' - and says that he is Native American, yet he cannot prove this, and he has NO ties to ANY of the First Nations. In fact, by his own admission, Mehl-dedon states, "I don't actually know for sure. I've been meaning to get over to eastern cherokee where I have some relative and find out."

He has been told that he needs to stop what he was doing and and/or loose all references to Native American Healing. He also runs sweats, does what he calls 'Cherokee Body Work' - (this can be found using the link to his site). He caters to predominantly to NonNatives: well to do, 'new age' people.

Many feel that he is an opportunist, attempting to elevate himself to a position that he simply does not rank.

Mehl-Madrona is profiteering off of my/our culture. He appears to be ill informed on even the most basic concepts that most real Natives already know, such as blood quantum issues, and how to go about tracing your family history in Indian Country. He appears to be grasping at straws at this point, asking me for advice. I have cut copied and pasted his correspondence on facebook, including his bio, (which I will attach to this letter). This is just another cut that adds to the million other cuts that our People have endured.
• Lewis Mehl-Medrona is listed and has a facebook account –
• look for him under: Lewis Mehl-Madrona
• This is the website that he lists on his facebook account;=

On his website there is a litany of links that one can explore, a simple google search on his name brings up quite a few links including this one:;

The particular tone of this website seems to be a 'past tense' version of what Natives believe and the ways Native Healers operate.
There appears to be NO evidence on any of these sites that puts Mehl-Medrona in with any particular Nation.;

Mehl-Medrona has some upcoming work shops- Please do your own research on this guy and let him know that you are not okay with the EXPOITATION of our CULTURE- It is UNETHICAL & Wrong!

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