Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Logic of Illogic And The Creator's Plan

The Logic of Illogic And The Creator's Plan

Who will win? (if their is a winner, because everyone loses in a community that devours itself
and everyone in that community)

What if you lived in a place where they thought that anyone who is sick. I mean really sick to the point of almost death, should go out and get a job?

What if they made fun of a person on a bus having a seizure after that person's wife was promised that he would be taken care of?

What if you lived in a place where morals didn't matter and lying was okay as long as you called everyone a liar who saw through your web of deception?

What if you only asked that they enforce the laws concerning burial protection and they attacked you for simply asking them to obey the laws?

What if they called you lazy and said that you did nothing all day but ride horses and instead you worked in the hot sun repairing, feeding, edging, mowing, cleaning stalls, getting up in the middle of the night to care for sick animals, etc... while working odd jobs on the side and the only thing that they did was watch your house all day and look for oppotunities to attack your home for over eight years? And what if they spent hours day after day driving up and down your street looking for ways to attack you? Who would you say were the real lazy/ crazy ones?

What if they call you a liar when you have physical paperwork evidence that proves they tried to sell you a bill of goods to get your organization to rubber stamp their little scheme? Who would you say was the real liars?

What if they tore down the flag at least five times of the branch of service that your family served under and did so in a cowardly manner while you were actually working in the woods to clear your property?

They steal dogs, poison horses and call themselves "Christian."

They are too cowardly to face you so they send an idiot to the place where you are praying to simply watch you and try to stare you down (But he can't stare you down.), but they call themselves spiritual and Christian? Who would you say was really spiritual, the one trying to get close to the Creator or the idiot who thinks he can come to a spiritual place and do anything that he wants?

Who would you say were the cowards, the ones who sneak around, think they are brave by staring at you or the one who will stand in the street toe to toe with any one of them, but they won't face him in any place that is outside a spiritual place like a church or something?

How can people filled with greed that they destroy the environment and ancient Indigenous and African American burials call anyone else a false spiritual person?

Some of them have so much time to waste that they have been sent to spend hours watching our home and our website, disguising themselves as other people.

Law enforcement has dozens of reports with no follow up investigations, no finger prints, DNA nothing.

No matter what you say. No matter what you have learned in life. They are always right and you are always wrong, even when they are breaking man's laws and even the laws of the God that they pretend to serve.

This is the logic of illogic.

There is no answer because they will not hear your answer. They are not listening. The only thing that matters is what they have done in a cowardly, corrupt and evil way for decades.

Why would Creator send two elderly (and ill many times) people to this place?

Well, so far, everyone one who has thought that they hurt these people, something bad has eventually happened to them, not by these two people, but by the Creator.

But they will have this brought to them by the spies on their little network. And they will plan more spiritual and physical attacks, because their eyes, ears, mind and spirit are closed to the truth. And even if they destroy these two people, the Creator will eventually destroy them.

There will be no more warnings for this place. The two people sent by Creator will not leave because creator says stay. And these two people will obey the Creator even to their physical deaths, because they belong to Creator and not to the asginas (devils) that these people belong to. They obey the Creator and no one else.

This is only a very small description of the evil they have done (rigging elections for one).

The play is about to start.
The stage is set. Please, have a seat, world and watch as the Creator puts on the show while the locals think that they are running the show.


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