Friday, June 11, 2010

"Stop Niocan Inc"

"Stop Niocan Inc"
SVP allez tous signer la pétition contre un projet minier à Oka sur le site de l'Assemblée Nationale du Québec en utilisant le lien ci-dessous. (et envoyez ce message à vos amis);

Please, everyone use the above link to go sign the petition against a mining project in Oka on the National Assembly of Québec site. (and send this message to your friends)

For those who don't read French, here is an English translation of the text on the petition so that you know what your signing for.:

To the Members of the National Assembly:

1. The opening of a niobium mine in Oka would be patently incompatible with the area’s agricultural character and agritourism-based economy;

2. The residents of Oka Parish voted against the mine project by a 62% majority on April 16, 2000;

3. The proposed mine is located near a provincial park, a high school and numerous homes;

4. None of the five Ministers of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Parks of the past 12 years agreed to give Niocan the go-ahead for its mine project, despite the company’s persistent efforts during that period;

5. Niocan is planning to discharge 30 kg of radioactive wastes per year into Rousse Creek, which empties in the Lake of Two Mountains, the water supply source for the surrounding municipalities;

6. Rousse Creek also flows through a protected area rich in flora and fauna, including threatened species.

We the undersigned residents of Oka, neighbouring municipalities and Québec;

Call upon the Government of Québec:

To protect the Oka area’s precious natural environment from mining development now and in the future, and safeguard it for agricultural, residential and recreational use.


Merci, Thank You

Samuel Lemay

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