Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vandals = Cowards

Vandals = Cowards

Well for about the umpteenth time vandals have attacked the Sacred Sites Headquarters.
It doesn't really matter why. it doesn't really matter who. What does matter is that they watched us long enough to wait for a day when I was on the other side of our woods working (where their look outs could see me). The dogs were in the woods watching me. The electric fence was turned off so the fence could be trimmed. All this has not ever happened before. What this means is that someone has enough time to waste to constantly watch Save The Sacred Sites Headquarters. (Get a life).

And it also means that they are cowards. The first thing my father taught me as a child was when the first bully came to pick on me, my dad took me out there face to face with him until we settled the situation. He always said if a man has a problem with you a real man will come face to face to talk to you face to face about it. I haven't seen that here. The people who do these things here are the biggest cowards that I have ever seen.

Actually they are not hurting us because it's not a game like they think. It's their lives that are going in the toilet. We just go on with our lives and repair the damage and laugh at them for the little crawling insects that they are. There are some fine people in McIntosh County, Georgia. Then there are the ticks. that want to feed off of others lives to add excitement to theirs. Actually because we knew that our work had upset their little plans to destroy Indigenous Burials, we kinda expected something. But what this proves is that they were very upset. And personally that makes me smile. I have always liked spoiling evil people's plans. And the actions that they did today made me smile within myself. We must have really hit the bad guys where it hurts for them to do this. High Five to all you supporters. Keep up the good work of spreading the word about these Sacred Sites.
Thanks friends and family for all you do.
Dave Kitchen
Co Founder of Save The Sacred Sites Alliance

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