Sunday, June 6, 2010

Arizona SB 1070 Revisited

Arizona SB 1070 Revisited

I have written several lengthy articles on the subject of the Arizona Immigration law SB 1070. And still people are not getting the point. Many of the people who are not getting the point are dear friends. So, I am going to make this brief. And I will try to be polite. (1) If you want to know the truth, stop listening to the Fox News Channel and take a look at the real bill. (2) No one wants the Illegal Immigration of anyone to be okay. What is being objected to is the wording of SB 1070 that leaves wide open the ability of certain prejudiced people to pick people with brown skin out of a crowd and harass them because they MIGHT be illegal. (3) If anyone actually believes that those who came over from Europe from 1492 on had any legal right to steal from, or murder/ genocide Indigenous People, please study real history.

If legality were the real issue, the U.S would be paying back rent to Indigenous People, not Indigenous People having pay for their lands several times over, or did we forget all the Trails of Tears like experiences that happened to many Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island? (4) What’s next, we force English only laws so all the Indigenous Language speakers have to quit speaking their language like they want on Fox News?

Lastly, laws ARE important. They keep chaos and evil from taking over. But my dear friends, if we have to be loyal to the U.S. and we have to pledge allegiance to the U.S., then we have to make darn sure when we make those laws that last words of the Pledge of Allegiance to U.S. are upheld > “WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.”

Profiling people because of the color of their skin or appearance, does not promote liberty or justice for brown skinned people or anyone else they decide to take your human rights from.


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