Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Sad State of Pine Harbor, Ga.

The Sad State of Pine Harbor, Ga.
I am sending this to everyone that I know in McIntosh because maybe it will get to those who think they have a right to inflict "revenge" for reasons unknown to us, in their small minds. It is not an accusation of anyone. it is just a public statement. Please, just pass this on. it's not meant to accuse anyone. There are those who I can't email anymore because of the legal ability to call it harassment if I do. Since we are no longer associated with them. I sent it to some close to McIntosh also. If you don't like it or don't want to pass it on, please just delete it. I am not here to offend any honorable person. The others who do these things or those are part of or who send them to do these things, I could care less how I make them feel. I also sent this to all our friends for them to be witnesses that I made an offer to TALK, nothing more, just talk. So the vast majority of those I sent this to are witnesses for my good intentions.
Besides Sharon being sick and God/ Creator coming to our rescue, we had another experience with a lesson in it this past week, I’d like to share this lesson.
I was in the U.S. Marines from 1966-70.
Back in my day the guys who were coming back from Vietnam had protestors spitting on them. Some folks didn’t like that. Some folks stood in the way and let the spit fall on them instead of our troops, because no matter what others may have done in Vietnam, these guys had sacrificed and deserved respect.

The Marine Corps flag on our property got tore last week for the Umpteenth time.
Now some thought that it was funny, especially the one who did it. Just like back in the 1970s they thought it was funny to spit on our troops. And some folks call themselves brave for sneaking on peoples property behind their back just like those protestors back in the 1970s thought it was brave to spit on our troops.
Yes, there have been MANY Sheriff reports with no results.
Once, when I was a kid, a bully had a problem with me. My dad found out about it. He took me out there to face the guy and told me to try talking to him. You see my dad was an elder in the church. I tried to talk to the person first. But then we settled it then and there with no more problems. The guy later went to college with me later.

But no one came to me and tried to talk to me face to face before they tore down the military flag of one branch of our troops that some might lip service to supporting our troops. But my Master Gunnery Sergeant and highly decorated WW II veteran father taught me that glaring looks, driving by my house for some macho show of strength or with weapons blazing or vandalism is not talking to me face to face when you have a problem with me. The operative word here is TALK. No talk has ever occurred. Just childish, stupid actions. And by now, if anyone that lives close to me doesn't know that I know that I was set up by several people to accomplish this latest stupid futile act, they need to get their head examined. I was trimming hedges on the far side of my 7acre horse farm property. And someone had to tell them that I had electric fences off and that the dogs were with me.
Since we moved here in 1999, people have made fun of my almost fatal illness, poisoned one of our horses, stole one of our dogs, tore down and tore up American flags, POW flags, Marine flags and various other parts of fencing and gates. So, It doesn’t hurt me anymore, if someone tears down a flag of a branch of our troops anymore. I’m over it.
And yeah I am a Marine but, I can still, stand up and salute a man singing “God Bless America” in honor of a dead soldier, even if you’re an Army, Air Force or Navy veteran, to show respect for your service. And even though what these persons did is criminal trespass in this country, in Russia, they would be shot, with no trial before a judge. Men and women died so that the laws would be fair in this country, and not like some others. And I can’t believe that I’ve had to protect Confederate graves in the south from destruction. But I have. No Respect. No Honor.
The real coward of this whole thing is the master mind of all this who pulls the strings of all these people. Sure, Sharon and I have had our fill of the greed, lying, cowardly acts, etc...
But we are NEVER going to become like those who do these things because they have no moral right to try to intimidate anyone. And if they think that they do, then I will be outside in the evenings feeding my horses to TALK to, instead of sending some fool to our church, which is neutral ground as far as I am concerned, to glare at me, I invite them to come stand toe to toe without weapons and talk to me. Otherwise, to me, they're no better than those who blew up the towers in New York. And just another cowardly, terrorist. I don't need weapons to talk. Does the person or persons who keep acting like overgrown babies need weapons? I am not threatening these folks either. It's just to TALK. I have said this over and over. Just talk to me. If their leader wants to talk, fine. I'll talk to them and never repeat the conversation to anyone. But they have no honor or courage to do this.
I had backed off from doing stuff to leave people alone and to be left alone. I wasn't bothering anyone, other than to make a public statement that the Save The Sacred Sites Alliance was no longer part of the Harris Neck Recovery project for African Americans in that area and to explain why we were not part of it, because of the Native American burials that they are not considering in their attempt to get it back.
If I never see these vandals face to face and TALK to them and the vandalism continues, we can suddenly become VERY active in politics and other areas and invite others from outside McIntosh come investigate certain problems here. It could become VERY uncomfortable for some here.
I sent this to everyone. So I am not picking anyone out to cause upset for them. I am just taking action since we can't be left alone. This has gone on for over 8 years since we moved to Pine Harbor in McIntosh County. It's time for a resolution to the problem.
Dave Kitchen

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