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Save The Child / Save The Teenager


6483 Iris Street, Arvada, Colorado 80004

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Board Members, Superintendents

And Principals

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Hurry to take advantage of our 20-room block at the Mirage Hotel on June 24-25.

Special Note: If you are looking for a super skills building on-site staff in-service, you can schedule it now. You can also attend our Las Vegas workshop and walk through a preview of what we can do to help you meet AYP and beyond to become a School of Academic Excellence.

The following two workshops are filling up quickly, so contact us now if you are interested in attending.

June 24 - 25 – Las Vegas, NV – Mirage Hotel

From Micro-Management to Micro-Leadership

For Tribal Council, School Board, Directors,

Superintendents, Principals and V. Principals

For low rates/luxury rooms, early reservations important.

Once block is filled, rates double.

October 7 – 8 – Albuquerque, NM – Hotel TBD

Academic Excellence Workshop

A sight to behold – Albuquerque Balloon Festival

Hot air balloons by the hundreds!

For teachers, tutors, classroom aides, Indian Ed, after school staff and Tribal and Bd. Members.

Save The Child / Save The Teenager

6483 Iris Street, Arvada, Colorado 80004

Voice (800) 458-8071 Fax (303) 595-5220


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6483 Iris Street, Arvada, Colorado 80004

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Teresa Anahuy


Environmental Justice Advisory Group Seeks Members

Fresno, Calif., (June 7, 2010) – The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution
Control District is dedicated to the integration of environmental
justice principles and goals into its public health and air-quality
programs, policies and activities. As part of this strategy, the
District is currently taking applications to fill open seats on its
Environmental Justice Advisory Group (EJAG).

EJAG provides advice and guidance to the District for implementing its
Environmental Justice Strategy. With this policy, the District ensures
all San Joaquin Valley residents benefit from healthier air as a result
of the operation or execution of its programs, policies and activities.

There are 13 EJAG seats. Applications are being sought for three
current vacancies: At-large County representatives for Tulare and
Fresno and an ethnic, small-business owner. However, additional seats
may become vacant during 2010, and thus the District is seeking new,
general applications and acclamations for reappointment. Interested
applicants need to be residents of the San Joaquin Valley, and must have
experience and interest in representing ethnic and/or low-income

Applications can be submitted to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution
Control District, 1990 E. Gettysburg, Fresno, 93726 by 5 p.m. Friday,
June 25, 2010.

For more information about the Valley Air District, call the regional
office in Fresno, 559-230-6000, or


Contributed by Brother Sal

Teresa Anahuy
Council overrides President Shirley's veto, passes measures opposing the state of Arizona's immigration, ethnic studies bills‏

PDF file:

Teresa Anahuy
Offering morsels to starving Indians‏
June 04, 2010

The Pre-1966 Indian Money Damage Claims [2415 Indian Claims Program] are distinct from the Cobell v. Salazar lawsuit, but there is concern that the Interior Department is trying to extinguish pre-1966 Indian claims by including them in the Cobell Individual Indian Money accounting case settlement. It is burying two corpses in one casket.

The Cobell settlement is pennies unaccounted for in the BIA IIM accounts and not the 10 million acres of private Indian land and resources stolen prior to filing the accounting case. We, as individual Indian allottees and heirs, are asked to accept an average of $1,500 in the Cobell case in exchange for 10 million acres of stolen allotted lands and minerals. The states, counties, corporations, companies and individuals listed in the lawsuit walk away with stolen Indian trust property on the reservation forever. Our reservation lost 28 percent of the tribal mineral estate and 500,000 acres to fee patents.

Is $1,500 supposed to cover those losses? Our oil and gas reserves were estimated at $10 billion in 1950. Imagine the wealth of the stolen Indian allotments nationwide. It would put Indians in the highest income brackets in the nation. The Interior Department has tried to extinguish these Indian claims since the BIA forced-patent conspiracy was hatched during the allotment period when Indians were illiterate and completely dependent on the BIA for protection from states and speculators.

The United States government is party to the original land frauds and continues to cover up the BIA land-grafter conspiracy though it is known to the Interior Department and Congress. In 1979, the Interior Department was cited by the Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs for trying to extinguish the Indian claims by letting the statute of limitations run out. Forrest Gerard, assistant secretary for Indian Affairs, testified that "Litigation was thought inappropriate in these cases because the government would have to sue itself on behalf of the Indian claimants." Congress was troubled by "the serious problem of complicity on the part of the federal government in bringing about many improper transfers and encumbrances of Indian land (e.g. secretarial transfer, forced fee patent and old-age assistance)."

Committee chairman Senator Cohen said, "I do not agree with the conclusion of the Department of Interior in its communication to this committee, that legislation to address the old-age assistance category of claims will bring the government into substantial compliance with the requirements of P.L. 96-217 that the Department of Interior in consultation with the Department of Justice submit to the Congress legislative proposals to resolve these outstanding Indian claims. A decision to waive a claim for damages on the grounds that the claim for title to land is not barred does not do justice to either the Indian claimant or the non-Indian who is occupying the land in good faith and under color of title. A decision to administratively resolve rights-of-way claims in a manner that waives a claim for past damages without notification to the Indian whose claim is affected does not reflect the good faith owed by the trustee. Also, a waiver of past damages on water rights claims and claims for degradation of the environment resulting in destruction of fish stocks will almost certainly adversely affect the bargaining position of the United States and the tribes in attempting to reach settlement of these claims."

Congress then passed Section 2 to Public Law 96-217 to impose a duty on the Interior Department to propose legislative solutions for all those claims they decide not to litigate. Now in 2010, Interior Department lawyers allegedly devised a scheme of offering starving Indians a morsel of money in the IIM case if they will deny the forced fee patent atrocity.

I have written to President Obama and the Secretary of Interior requesting that our 2415 claims be sent to Congress for legislative solutions as required by Section 2 of P.L. 96-217. I hope tribes and forced fee patented allottees and heirs will join me. It is the worst corruption scandal to hit the Executive Branch and Congress in Indian Affairs. Coercion in current Indian claims just points to new injustices planned for us.


Teresa Anahuy
Toxic Trailers Going to Rez's
FEMA trailers make local stopover on way to final destination
By Austin Kaus - June 10, 2010

More than 40 white trailers line a lot belonging to Ponderosa Service in southeast Mitchell, a final stop before the buildings once dedicated to helping victims of disaster are transported to American Indian reservations.
Pete Brenden, owner of Ponderosa Service, said he’s hauled approximately 300 of the trailers from Texas to tribes in North and South Dakota, where the trailers are meant to be used as temporary housing.
“We take three to four a week,” Brenden said. .....

Teresa Anahuy

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