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ALERT: Chavez: US and Colombia plan to attack Venezuela

ALERT: Chavez: US and Colombia plan to attack Venezuela

This from a Venezuelan news organization. So I can't confirm that Columbia is about to invade Venezuela backed by the U.S. Also see the part about the Indigenous Yukpas protest for land rights.

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Venezuela is on maximum alert after President Chavez revealed intelligence data indicating the imminence of an aggression against his government via Colombia and backed by the United States. Tensions have flared over Colombia’s unsubstantiated claims that Venezuela is “protecting” FARC guerrillas. As a result Venezuela has broken off all diplomatic relations with its neighbour.

See all the latest news below. Also below is important analysis on how Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution is showing that another world is possible in the context of the deep crisis of capitalism.

To get involved in the campaign against U.S. and Colombian threats against Venezuela please visit our solidarity page at:

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International and Local Support as Venezuela Severes Diplomatic Relations with Colombia

Jul 23rd 2010

Following Colombian accusations before the Organisation of American States (OAS) yesterday that Venezuela is “protecting” its guerrillas, Chavez announced that Venezuela would break off diplomatic relations with Colombia and withdraw its ambassador. Venezuelan institutions and international social organisations have expressed their support for Venezuela, while the U.S has supported Colombia’s proposal to the OAS.

New Police Force Reduces Crime

Jul 23rd 2010

Venezuela’s National Bolivarian Police (PNB) has registered significant decreases in crime during its first 6 months of operations, the director of the new security body, Luis Fernandez, reported last week.

Indigenous Yukpa Protest Outside Venezuelan Supreme Court

Jul 22nd 2010

Over 80 Yukpa indigenous Venezuelans are protesting in front of Venezuela's Supreme Court in order to demand a ruling on whether three arrested Yukpas can be judged under indigenous law rather than the national legal system, in the wake of a conflict over land demarcation.

Venezuela and Guyana Sign Agreements Despite Land Dispute

Jul 22nd 2010

Yesterday Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez met with the president of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, and signed four agreements of cooperation in the areas of agriculture, energy and chemicals.

New Socialist Restaurants Bring Venezuelans Good Food at Fair Prices

Jul 22nd 2010

Providing the Venezuelan population with good food at fair prices is the principle goal behind the inauguration of seven new socialist arepa restaurants in the country, confirmed Commerce Minister Richard Canan last Saturday.

Venezuelan Government Acquires Minority Share and Possible Board Seat in Globovisión

Jul 21st 2010

The Venezuelan government will place a representative on the Board of Directors of Globovisión, a major opposition-aligned television news station, President Hugo Chavez announced on Tuesday.

Chavez: Pensioners and Children Benefit from Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

Jul 21st 2010

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez revealed figures on Sunday that he said show the great strides the Bolivarian Revolution is making in improving and protecting the health and well-being of children and older people.

Chavez Praises Banco de Venezuela Growth on the First Anniversary of its Nationalisation

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez declared the performance of the nationalized Banco de Venezuela unprecedented, one year after it passed formally into public hands.

Venezuelan National Workers Union Calls for Greater Worker Control

Jul 19th 2010

Venezuela’s principal union federation, the National Union of Workers (UNETE), recently circulated a document calling for broader nationalizations, a revolutionary labor law, and a radical shift toward a democratic, worker-led management model to stave off state bureaucracy.

Colombia’s Accusations a “Pathetic Media Spectacle” against Venezuela

Jul 17th 2010

Following accusations by the Colombian government that Venezuela is purposefully tolerating the presence of Colombian guerrilla “terrorists” in its territory, Venezuelan government officials have responded, saying the accusations are part of a “defamation” media campaign and attempts by the outgoing Colombian government to prevent good relations between the two countries.


Chavez: US and Colombia plan to attack Venezuela

By Eva Golinger- Postcards from the Revolution, Jul 25th 2010

Yesterday Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denounced US plans to attack his country and overthrow his government.

Venezuela's process of struggle

By Jason Netek - Socialist Worker, Jul 23rd 2010

Jason Netek looks at the political situation in Venezuela, and why international solidarity is key to furthering the process of workers' power.

Venezuela Breaks Relations with Colombia

By Eva Golinger- Postcards from the Revolution, Jul 22nd 2010

Following Colombian government accusations that Venezuela tolerates guerilla training camps, and its presentation against Venezuela today in the OAS, Venezuela has removed its ambassador from Colombia and frozen relations.

'You're part of something bigger' - Venezuela's El Sistema in the USA

By Jeremy Eichler - The Boston Globe, Jul 22nd 2010

Inspired by a Venezuelan music program, two community activists prepare to bring its benefits to Boston kids

Latin America and Caribbean: CELAC Steams Ahead

By Alex Main - CEPR, Jul 21st 2010

A high-level meeting in Venezuela earlier this month, in which senior Latin American and Caribbean diplomats from 32 countries discussed the creation of a new forum for regional concertation, slipped under the radar of the entire U.S. media.

Buying Venezuela’s Press with U.S. Tax Dollars

By Jeremy Bigwood - NACLA, Jul 21st 2010

The U.S. State Department is secretly funneling millions of dollars to Latin American journalists, according to documents obtained in June under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

There Is No Revolution without Solidarity - Venezuela and the Struggle for Sovereignty

By Anna Pha - The Guardian, Workers' Weekly, Jul 20th 2010

In this interview with Anna Pha, Venezuela’s ambassador to Australia, Nelson Dávila, describes the historic continuity of the Bolivarian revolution, the associated process of integration taking place in Latin America against great resistance from the US and internal reactionary forces and he explains how the Revolution is being consolidated in his country and the vital importance of international solidarity for the survival of the revolution.

Venezuela, Worker Control, and Self-management

By Josep Cruelles -, Jul 19th 2010

In the middle of the deepest crisis that the capitalist system has ever seen, when it’s already showing its cruellest face, when anger and sometimes impotence spreads among those of us with years fighting and predicting the consequences, the lights of hope that show us that another world is possible pass us by unnoticed.

Washington Still Has Problems With Democracy in Latin America

By Mark Weisbrot - CEPR, Jul 19th 2010

Imagine if Barack Obama, upon taking office in January 2009, had decided to deliver on his campaign promise to “end business as usual in Washington so we can bring about real change.”

A Tale Of Two Extraditions

By Saul Landau - Z Space, Jul 19th 2010

The United States government should practise what it preaches on terrorism. But the way it deals with terrorist extradition requests from Venezuela and its history of intervention in countries in the region - such as Jamaica - show terrorism, terrorists and the selective use of the terms are merely a function of a self-interested ideological foreign policy.

ALBA: How Much of a Turn to the Left in Latin American Governance and Economic Policy?

By Christina DeFeo - Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA), Jul 19th 2010

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) regional integration model is based on a solidaristic approach to trade among member states. However, the over-dependence on Venezuelan oil could mean it has an uncertain future as sustainable integration project.

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