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National Indian Child Welfare Association

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Posted By: Eddie Sherman
To: Members in National Indian Child Welfare Association
"A Hand To Hold Onto" - Online Survey Project to create change in Indian Country for youth
Dear NICWA Supporters:

Native young adults, ages 18-25. Have your voices heard & participate in this nat'l survey to better understand levels of childhood violence in Indian Country. $10 Amazon Gift Card for doing this anonymous survey.

The survey project, titled “A Hand to Hold Onto,” is managed by the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA), the Calumet campus of Purdue University, and Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA America). The project’s goal is to survey 1,000 young adults about victimization, its consequences, and protective factors they experienced prior to age 18. A separate survey about the perceived scope of victimization and juvenile delinquency in their communities will be asked of adults, caregivers, tribal elders, and tribal leaders. The data will provide a clearer picture of child abuse and victimization and better inform tribal communities and child welfare advocates in order to improve programs and services for youth and families.

This project is unusual because it has partnered tribal communities and youth from beginning to end. Dr. Kathleen Fox, NICWA director of research, said, “This project was shaped by tribal youth who reviewed the survey questions and even tested the survey drafts, and gave input on how to best reach survey participants.”

“The National Congress of American Indians’ youth leadership learned about the project and provided us with direction. Even the name of the project comes from a poll that was answered by Native youth across the country,” she said.

Youth, in order to be survey participants, must be between 18 and 25 years of age, of American Indian or Alaska Native (AI/AN) descent, and willing to complete the online survey, which takes approximately thirty minutes. The survey is anonymous and participant’s answers cannot be linked to the person. A $10 Gift Card is provided to each survey participant, limited to one per person. Information about the survey is available The survey begins mid-June and will continue through July, 2010.

Patricia Carter (Nez Perce), NCAI Youth Ambassador and NICWA board member, presented a briefing paper about the project to the NCAI youth leadership at the national convention in Palm Springs, California, last October. She emphasized the opportunity for youth to contribute directly to the project’s goals.

“You can speak the truth about these issues—how many times have we really been asked? And how many times can we, Native youth, directly help what resources our communities receive?” Carter said.

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