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Looking For Quilters. "Origin Story of a Quilt - The Sacred Sites Quilt Project" Aim Santa Barbara

Looking For Quilters. "Origin Story of a Quilt - The Sacred Sites Quilt Project"
Aim Santa Barbara
A “Block” Away from Unity....
The origin story of the quilt is bringing attention to how sick Grandmother Earth really is and we are sharing this with the rest of our human family (audience) via the nine block quilt. And the origin story of each block is a way of bringing a community together for one common cause, thru education, and community service which will only enrich their community’s history for future generations. The documentary will blend the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual aspects of the journey, beginning with each group to the completion of the first phase of this important project. The ultimate goal is to have at least one Sacred Site represented from the 7 continents and as many Island Nations as possible.
The Beginning - A 9 block Quilt

Block’s total dimensions 17” x 17”
Each block will consist of:
8” picture of a Sacred Site of their choosing
2” material to border their site (members select material that has meaning to them)
2 1/2” muslin border for participants to sign, leaving 1/4” for connecting the blocks

Block Design
According to the traditions of the Buffalo Nation, when one is sick the others will surround it for protection. The buffalo knows the difference between the grasses and medicines and one will go and find the right medicines to nurse their relative back to health. Once recovered, the ones protecting will help their loved one to stand and join the others. So the Sacred Site is like the sick buffalo, and the materials/fabrics from the participants are the protectors and the signatures are the loved ones giving a voice to the voiceless – our Sacred Sites!

Origin Story of a Quilt Block

Written Origin Story
As a form of storytelling, a book will be made by each community. Questions like: Why, this particular site? What is the history of site? How does the site affect the community? What is the current condition of the site – endangered, desecrated, amount of ongoing destruction, verge of extinction, etc.? Since each piece of material represents a participant, why was this piece of material chosen? What does it mean to participant? And on a personal level, why did you participate in this project? How has this project changed you, personally, as a family, as a community? Each community will tell their own origin story of their quilt block.

Visual Origin Story
As with any story, it should stay original. By documenting the process of creating a block via a short documentary, each community keeps their efforts unique, and can become a teaching tool and role models for future generations.

Uniting the “Voices for the Voiceless” for Grandmother Earth

Wopila for all your continued efforts in healing Grandmother Earth!

For more information on any aspect of this project, contact; Pat Brock

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