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from the Eagle Watch #60 Living in a Police State: Toronto G20 Summit is a Provocation to Incite a Mob

from the Eagle Watch #60

Living in a Police State:
Toronto G20 Summit is a Provocation to Incite a Mob
July 1, 2010

We condemn the viscious police brutality and the corporate fawning media complicity staged in Toronto this past week and ongoing.

Sitting comfortably in a plush chair and presuming himself safe inside a well guarded building, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated, "We must calm the protesters". That's double speak for the signal to police to attack protesters with all possible violence.

The CIA and Pentagon backed "Black Bloc", led by mercenaries and agents provocateurs, gave the pretext to police goons to bash heads, conduct random arrests and hold about 1,000 people in jail. Peaceful protesters were searched, catalogued, filmed and terrorized by state-financed thugs who were visibly pumped up and vibrating ready for the well orchestrated attacks on the people. A few individuals, armed with sticks and stones were subdued with an array of so-called "nonlethal" weapons from pepper spray and other toxic chemicals to rubber bullets and sonic booms. Cops were dressed in protective gear and armed with automatic weapons just in case.

Who could tell who the real "anarchists" were from the paid actors? No doubt, some high testosterone youth were among them. One writer described them this way, "Of course the infantile insurrectionism of this section of anarchists invites and 'justifies' increased state repression -- without any concomitant organization of the far wider working-class: which remains demobilized."

One must ask, "What does breaking windows accomplish?" While the "haves" will condemn any and all property damage, it's an outlet for the inevitable and growing Rage of the "have nots". Business as usual is suspended temporarily. For the corporate media, violent and dramatic film footage sells. Over and over again, we saw on the TV newscast, a youth repeatedly smashing a window and another youth jumping on a burning police car. Most of all, the smashing and looting gives police the pretext and cue to attack the protesters.

At first, the police stood back and let the spectacle unfold. Small business owners who called police when their businesses were attacked were told that they were on their own and that police would not be coming anytime soon. Who will reimburse these people for their losses? Certainly not the insurance companies or the government corporate lackeys.

While the three burning police cars created quite a show for TV viewers, they also emitted toxic fumes to sicken the protesters and area residents in downtown Toronto. Why did the police wait so long to put out the fires?

The outrageous police violence and brutality were so blatant as to be visible in the news footage. Police savagely beat protesters, jumping on the backs of individuals already on the ground. The media never reported the injuries of the protesters. How many people remain locked up or disappeared as a result of the out of control police actions? What beatings took place off camera?

On Saturday evening, a Global TV broadcaster told viewers not to go out on the streets to the scene with their cellphones. She advised those who wanted to see and record the (mostly police) violence to stay at home and watch the TV! Only a very select few of the protesters were interviewed or asked what led them to protest. No clarification of issues was aired.

These media whores are clearly of two distinct classes. There are the reporters and cameramen who are the foot soldiers of the corporate media. They go out on the streets, risking abuse from both police and the protesters who despise their biased coverage of events. Safe in their ivory towers, elite broadcasters like Leslie Roberts and Kevin Newman are well paid, fawning slaves to their corporate bosses. Global TV even had their own "security expert" who could explain away the police violence, praising the state thugs for their well organized attacks on ordinary citizens. Toronto's mayor, David Miller, police chief, Bill Blair and labour leaders were falling all over themselves, justifying the over the top police response and implicitly the outrageous bill to taxpayers for the summit "security".

One protester managed to yell from behind an on camera reporter, "Don't listen to the corporate media!" What a lucky bit of sabotage that.

Toronto will never be the same. Many people have lost their innocence once and for all. The hundreds of cameras installed on downtown streets for the meeting of 20 heads of state will remain long after Queen Liz and Consort Phil's visit later this week.

While participants were no doubt filmed, logged and filed for future harassment, arrests and character assassinations, protests alone have little lasting effect. Protests accomplish very little for the protesters. It is time to come up with another tactic.

Activists must learn to think for themselves. They need to thoroughly examine and question the motives of those directing their actions. They need to carefully critique their strategies and the possible outcomes, intended or consequential. People are being manipulated and used by so called "leaders" who have their own hidden agendas.

Last week we received at the Eagle Watch a callout to action from No One is Illegal. It was signed by a number of individuals, some known to us as definite sellouts, instigators and thieves and others under suspicion for such. We did not forward the message.

Our message to Indigenous Youth:
Think twice before joining any protest march. Don't get involved in these high profile, big organizations that are inevitably infiltrated and used against us.

Keep to your traditional ways. Rebuild our nations and prepare for the days when we will be stronger. Only fools attack when they are weak and poorly prepared. Organise your own communities and put your resources to building public awareness. This is psychological warfare. Raise money to buy some media time to get out your message. Define the issues and educate our people and anyone else who will listen.

Learn our languages and traditional teachings. Renew our ceremonies and traditional ways.

This is not to say, Go back. We cannot go back in time. We must move forward: Learn (the) Truth; Honour and Accept (the) Truth; See and Hear (the) Truth; Speak (the) Truth at all times; Love and Serve (the) Truth; Live (the) Truth and Work with (the) Truth; Walk (the) Truth; and always be Grateful for (the) Truth.

Minik. A-ho

We welcome your feedback! Forward, post and consider printing for your cyberphobic friends and relatives.
The Eagle Watch Newsletter is sent to interested individuals, both Indigenous and nonNative, politicians especially the Canadian ones and an assortment of English language media.

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