Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Wingnut Attack Machine Is In The On Position

The Wingnut Attack Machine Is In The On Position
So here we go again. Anytime Save The Sacred Sites Alliance's news arm posts something that might be not so favorable to the left, we get nasty letters from the left. So here ya go we posted the info about the Shirley Sherrod situation and one of the major right wing cable news proganda machines sends this out to all the major networks.
{{{Fox Haters Week in Review! http://johnnydollar.us/files/100725fhwir.php THE LIARS: WickedLocal.com's Rick Holmes Washington Post's Richard Cohen Southern Poverty Law Center's Mark Potok TrueMajority.org Examiner.com's Margot Fernandez The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur The MetroWest Daily NewsTheCurmudgeonGrowls.blogspot.com BitchyPundit.com SilverBuzzCafe.com World-O-Crap.com Helium.com FireDogLake.com McClatchy Newspapers NBC KARE 11 MSNBC's Ed Schultz OpEdNews.com's John Dean MediaMatters.org/HuffingtonPost.com's Eric Boehlert HuffingtonPost.com CableNewsCritic.com A Little Of This-N-That (the4thsister.blogspot.com) Charles Kaiser (Newsweek, New York Times) Washington Post's Greg Sargent D >>>---> @ "Sorry, about your damn luck!" - "Cowboy" James Storm}}}

Man we big stuff now. LoL Not. I am laughing so hard right now that I can barely type. So you know that I'm not serious about us being that important. What it goes tell me is that somebody got caught with their bloomers down and they intend to "get" anyone who dares to speak out against this injustice. You see we have known the Federation of Southern CoOperatives, where Mrs' Sherrod came from to the USDA and where the supposed incident happened, for a long time. These folks are GOOD folks. We may not agree with them all the time. But heck they never did an attack blog against us either. To be honest the left never did this type of junk even when they sent us upset emails.
Hey but we're honored to be in the same company with some of the major news organizations, and organizations that fight racism like The Southern Law and Poverty Center.
I guess we owe it to you guys, our friends who pass this stuff on. All we try to do is put stuff out that we don't see any where else or something that has more detail or a new angle.
By the way, the guy said that Fox News did not put out the story until Mr's Sherrod was fired and that we are all liars. If you go to the Rachel Maddow Show website, or Countdown on MSNBC they show the attack on Mrs. Sherrod being put out on Fox before the firing. (And yeah we don't always agree with these folks either. But they never sent their attack dogs after us.) Now do I hate Fox News? Not any more than one of those tabloids that you see at the supermarket checkout, because that is the quality. And Sharon, our founder, found places on the internet that show that Fox News was on this before Mrs. Sherrod's firing. But you know what, I could care less because all we did was post other friends stuff including Mr. Potok's article (who we know and respect for his work in fighting to protect Native Peoples and all peoples from racism). And these folks can aptly defend themselves. So, I leave that up to them. I just thought that it was funny that these folks are filled with so much fear that they have to attack little guys like us. But hey thanks everyone for forwarding all our stuff. You and we must be putting the squeeze on the bad guys. Way to go friends and family.
I guess old "Cowboy" (or is it Cowless Boy, because most of these "Cowboys" have never seen a live cow on a farm like my grandpa and dad grew up on and I visited during the summer when I was a kid. Mom's family was from farms also.) James Storm and Johnny Dollar (Is he any relation to Creflo A. Dollar that televangelist? Never did give that guy any money to take away my sins and buy my way to health and heaven. LoL) or Thomas Charles Stewart III or whoever you are that sent us the anonymous hate email, I guess your wingnut attack machine is in the on position. Okay we'll just repost and refute everyting you say. How's that? Ain't this fun. Wow maybe we'll get more readers and more people will listen to Indigenous Issues. That would be nice. Puleeeeze, make a big deal of this so we can get Indigenous Issues out to more people. LoL Alright, seriously Countdown and Rachel Maddow are alright shows. That have spoken about some Native American issues, more than most mainstream media that rejects us completely. So I'm sending them a copy of this since I am talking about them. Please, guys don';t send your attack dogs after me. Oh I forgot you don't need attack dogs. You use facts. LoL Gee, guys I used to think I was an Independent. But I guess since I agree with some things on MSNBC the tooth fairy turned me into a Liberal. Do Native People like labels? I know I don't. :-)
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