Friday, July 2, 2010


June was a busy month as the New World Order started their whitewash on genocide in Winnipeg, then the crime cabal known as the G20 came to town to show us how they roll and then the head matriarch of the biggest crime family comes in at the end on her “royal” visit. No surprise that she did not wish to honour the 300thanniversary of my grandfather Etowokoam with her grandmother Queen Anne, as their discussions were based on the spreading of the peace to Europe based on Gushwenta. These people never want peace as they are the masters of war and they show us what they really meant by the “Indian Problem”, it is PEACE.
The peace is based on the knowledge we are all equal as family and all are important to the whole. The different forms of governance in the world such as democracy, fascism, nazism and communism are all different masks of Corporatism (51%). In the Gulf we see them ruining the planet rather than give up the power they have stolen from us. The solution would be for the people to nationalize all corporations and restore shareholders liability so we do not have any more artificial entities who can get away with planetary genocide.
The Power of the collective conscious is almost upon us as most of the people know there is something very wrong with all of our systems. Your mind is very powerful and when linked with all other minds anything becomes possible. The first thing is to stop the killing of men, women and children. We need to bury all weapons of war under the tree of peace for all time, stop participating in war. We can never evolve as a species when we are killing our own kind. The Kayanerakowa, also known as the “Council of the Great Peace” is the formula for consensus building within the community based on egalitarian principles. We have always been the guardians of this “Great Law” since its inception before the 4th sun and when the the people can help us spread the peace to the rest of our relatives here on our mother earth and follow the white roots of peace to their source and learn about true sustainable, perpetual Peace.
Most of the world “leaders” are 32nd or 33rd degree freemasons who have an oath to preserve the secrets until death. Their motto is Ordo Ab Chao or “divide and conquer”. The 33rd degree are told that there are 13 degrees above the 33rd that represents the bloodline, there is no god and that they are to worship Lucifer the “illuminated” one. So the leaders are actually devil worshippers who are committed to the orderly depopulation of humans through war, famine and pestilence. When they say peace they really mean war and when they come to your town they will show you who is in charge, like in Toronto last weekend.

The mass media is owned by this bloodline and they will never tell you the truth about anything. The people in Canada have to stand up on their heels and get ready to take back your power from these genocidal maniacs. Hold them accountable for the mass murder of native children under the “Crime and Punishment of Genocide” treaty Canada signed in 1948. That law covers everyone who had anything to do with genocide and no one is immune, including the directors and shareholders of the corporation of Canada.
With unity of mind comes great strength.
Unity, Strength, Peace,
thahoketoteh of Kanekota

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