Friday, July 9, 2010

Reality Check

Someone recently in the Cherokee One Feather said I, at 62, don't have a grasp on reality. So let's talk "total" reality. Let's talk recent history first.

Republicans get a token woman, instead of all the qualified Republican women who were out there to run with McCain so you can get the Hillary Clinton votes that Obama didn't get and you get inexperienced Palin who had big oil backing, but lost the race for McCain.

And they get a token African American yes man, who has no sense, and appoint him head of the Republican Party, so that you can attract the African American vote back to your party and not get called racist when you make snide negative, almost racist comments about the president. And you get Michael Steele who has embarrassed the Republican Party repeatedly. Bad for the polls.

And some are saying that Obama lied about Iraq and messed up our economy.
As far as Obama lying about Iraq and Gittmo, Bush, Cheney and company lied. The new guy just got stuck with a whole lot of mess. And if we are honest, the mess started long ago. We should never have allowed Communist China to bankroll our huge debt, during Bush's watch, because now China owns us. Also bad for the polls.

Ah but now people are screaming about illegal immigrants and mass weapons coming across the border. Yet they never stopped to look up stats on the Russian Mob that brings just as much if not more illegal weapons into this and every country they are in. But Russians aren't brown skinned. Are they? they won't effect the polls as much.

Then we have those pesky emails sent out by the author of SB 1070 where he said that he wants Native Americans and all natualized people who live here to lose their dual citizenship.
Here, read it for yourself. His own emails>

Then the author of SB 1070's own website says he wants to make Native Americans illegal some day and do away with their dual citizenship.

From his own website

A baby born to the wife of the ambassador from France, for example, will surely be a French citizen, not an American citizen. Dating back to the Roman Empire, citizenship has always been privilege extended only on conditions established by the sovereign (as it was granted to St. Paul), not the mere happenstance of location of birth or residence.

For nearly two centuries, the Supreme Court faithfully construed citizenship consistent with the Constitution and the intent of our Founders. In 1884, in Elk v. Wilkins, the Court held that Indians born within the territorial limits of the United States, member of, and owing immediate allegiance to, one of the Indian tribes (an alien, though dependent, power), although in a geographical sense born in the United States, are no more "born in the United States and subject to the Jurisdictional thereof," within the meaning of the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment, that the children of subjects of any government, or the children born within the United States, of ambassadors or other public ministers o foreign nations.

In 1942, in In re Thenault, a federal court in the District of Columbia re-confirmed the conditions of citizenship: "Of course, the mere physical fact of birth in the country does not make these children citizens of the United States, inasmuch as they were at the that time children of a duly accredited diplomatic representative of a foreign state. This is fundamental law and within the recognized exception not only to the Constitutional provision relative to citizenship, Amendment Article 14, Section I, but to the law of England and France and to our own law, from the very first settlement of the Colonies."

See the following research.
The UnConstitutionality of Citizenship by Birth to Non-Americans

STSSA website
It's a step by step process. Start with something that make people divided like illegal aliens. Only just target the brown skinned illegal aliens. Then attack brown skinned kids. And then...... Sovereign Nations of Indigenous People on this continent. Then you get their lands and mineral rights because the land isn't theirs really their "illegal." Get it? You, Native person are illegal on your own land. You can't vote. You have no rights as a U.S. citizen. And soon you will be sent "elsewhere." Wanna guess where "elsewhere" is? Yes, the land where the Indigenous People are in Arizona is rich with coal, uranium, etc.... But non citizens have no rights to the lands.

You're Republican. You're down on votes. So who do you attack? The fastest growing population, Hispanics. But guess whose next, Indigenous People?

I'm an Independent. And I'm sick of both parties. To me there is only really one Republocrat party. But Republicans, if you keep going on like this, and you keep stabbing your own people in the back, including some really negative things I've heard said about McCain coming from Republicans and Tea Part (Rehashed Republican with old ideas refurbished as new), you're going to lose big time no matter how much propaganda you spray out there to shoot down Democrats. All this partisan fighting is what got Republicans kicked out in the first place. You look really bad.
But Democrats ain't any better.

Ah reality, and lets not Gulf. But Chipa (way to go Chipa) did a great job with his letter about that.
Yes, let's talk reality. You think maybe someone is just trying to win an election by fear of illegals with guns and squelch the fastest growing voting population? Problem is though, Hispanic people vote.

Dave Kitchen

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