Monday, July 19, 2010

SC- Only 2 calls for the creep that murdered the blk lab.

SC- Only 2 calls for the creep that murdered the blk lab.

Go here for Pictures>>

Please make a phone call on Monday. This was intentional torture that will go unpunished unless we stand and show our outrage.
Please do not ignore this plea.

Begin forwarded message:

Graphic photos at the end

Please send this email to all dog lovers and beg them to call that number. Please take a moment to call,

please don't let him get away with this. Please give this number to everyone you know and ask

them to call. Maybe we can save another dog. Thanks.

Please circulate widely again. Only two calls received so far. Please take a minute and call prosecuter Mark Besser 843-676-8633 to show your support in prosecuting this murderer. I can only imagine how this dog suffered 'til his final breath!

just a dog... left out in the blistering heat without food, water or any shelter.

Died on June 23 alone in South Carolina.The owner's name is Charles Bell. He was not arrested but given a summons so there will not be a record anywhere unless he is found guilty. I think the judge is against animal neglect/abuse but first offense in SC is nothing!! The hearing before the judge will be July 23 in room 506 in the City County Complex at 10:00. The Complex is located at 180 N. Irby St. in Florence, SC. The court is open so I say let's PACK the room!
Please contact Prosecutor, Mark Besser, @ 843-676-8633. He said mine was only the second call he'd received! PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND CALL HIM NOW!
...just a they say...
...what about a life...a living breathing animal capable of loving unconditionally...a gift from God...
On June 23, City Animal Control received a call about a dog at a residence in the city of Florence...they found a dead a small transport the hot water...over 100 degrees...
...the dog had been there for two days...someone had asked if they could move the dog to the shade...the owner refused...
...can you even imagine how that dog die in the hot sun...slowly...painfully...with no shade...with no water to help quench the terrible thirst... enforcement was called...a warrant was signed...there will be a case before the judge July 23...
...our hearts should be broken over this...mine is...
...We need to be outraged...we need to demand justice...we need to cry out for compassion...we need to make sure that no animal is allowed to suffer like this...We need to SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT...join me in this fight....spread the word about this dog...and the case that is coming against the owner...
....just a dog...they say...a precious life...I say...
...what do you say?

"My sunshine does not come from the skies, it comes from the love in my dogs' eyes."

Proverbs 12:10 A Righteous Man has Regard for the Life of his Animal

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