Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tears For Our Family

I can not watch those Dolphins die.

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Dear Subscribers,
I have delayed sending this link for hopes of combining it with something more optimistic, but I cannot find any up-to-minute report of the oil clean effort by A Whale, the skimmer from Taiwan.
This film has professional quality photography but is heart breaking:

I am working on some essays on various aspects of this crisis, including health. The article on Toxic Air has gone viral and there are requests for detailed protocols, but my hope was that the skimmer would start capturing the oil so that even if the leak is not stopped, the environmental and health crisis will abate.
It is very hard not to sound off, but my mind will not shut down. Suffice it to say that the handling of the crisis by both BP and the administration has been abominable. I believe strongly that the assets of BP should be seized, not swallowed up in some scam run by the elite. The fact that Goldman Sachs has profited mightily already does a little to raise suspicions that the plan is the opposite of what would feel right to the victims of this disaster.
I hope to add more over the next hours. Meanwhile, all the posts on the Gulf are in one convenient place:

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