Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jay Spotted Elk

Jay Spotted Elk
On July 19, 2005, nineteen year old Jay Spotted Elk was out walking and visiting friends in Rushville, Ne. We will never know for certain what happened in the last half hour of his life, but we know it came to an end in the Rushville Jail.

Five years later, the lawsuits have been settled and the family has finally been granted their wish to return to the jail cell where Jay's life ended so abruptly. They will finally be able to pray there to let his spirit go.

On Monday morning, July 19 at 9 a.m., we ask all of you, wherever you are, to join with Jay's family to pray for better times for Lakota children, to find the causes and heal the wounds that cause so many young one's to take their own lives. Please also pray for those who feel hatred towards people due to the color of their sin. Join us in prayer as we bring our hearts together to end discrimination in all of its hurtful and hateful forms, to remember that Jay died a warrior who gave his life that one day we would all join in prayer that such a tragedy, such a needless death, will never happen again.

We remember so many Lakota youth who have left this earth before their time. Please pray with us that we can all go forward in a good way, with our actions such that we will bring all people together. If you would like to send your prayers and remembrances to the family, you can write directly to

Christine Rose

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