Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's time to fire FOX News

It's time to fire FOX News

Shirley's job was saved! Now its time to kick-out FOX News

Tell the White House it's time to kick FOX News out!

Dear ,

Earlier today, we asked you to stand with Shirley Sherrod after the White House fired her based on the lies and twisted reporting of Fox News.

An hour ago, Shirley Sherrod was offered her job back by Secretary Tom Vilsack!1 Thanks to you and thousands of others, we helped save Sherrod's job.

But as Shirley herself has said, this is more than just about her. This is about the damage that lies spread by FOX News can have on real people. We can't afford to have any more victims of FOX News' blatant half-baked reporting. We don't need more supermarket aisle reading full of gotcha journalism and paparazzi photographs. What we need is the truth from journalists who want more of the story and less of the hype.

What can you do? We're asking people to demand that the White House Communications office remove FOX News from the Press Corps.

Will you join the effort to kick FOX News out?

Let's call FOX what it really is: entertainment, not news. FOX doesn't deserve a seat at the real journalist table full of those chasing the real stories, not just false headlines. But they're welcome to sit at the "Entertainment" table. We're sure US Weekly and People Magazine would love the competition.

Here's to making sure there are no more Shirley Sherrods, or other victims, of FOX's sly lies. Join us in telling the White House that its time to kick FOX News out.

Thank you,

Japhet Els

1 -

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